Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today I've been cooking up all sorts of vegetable laden concoctions in preparation for the working week ahead - I'm sure that Rae cooks something similar to this. I got chicken breast, a couple of cans of diced tomatoes, herbs, onions, garlic and about a kilo of assorted vegetables (ie whatever was there) plus some leftover champagne (for flavour!) and simmered it into a big casserole for a few hours. Needless to say you all know what I will be eating for the next few days. It tastes pretty bland right now, but like any good casserole, it just needs a day to fester and the flavours to meld together.

Back to work tomorrow - as the hours I can work are determined by the gym creche at the moment, I'm up for a date with Coach Troy of Spinervals fame tomorrow - will be 3 x blocks of my favourite Aerobase Builder (No 25). Then I will squeeze in some weights between clients.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered using bay leaves and thyme Liz?

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

I did that all day yesterday, after my walk and shopping, I diced, chopped, grated, baked and packaged a weeks worth of food, not only for myself, but my son too, who now wants to put on some natural muscle. I told him, he just has to start eating normal. To which I laid out an eating plan for him, ie eat 6 small meals a day.

Anonymous said...

Oh I almost forgot. Just letting you know that you need to delete me from your blog list and add me again now that I have a new isp address since moving my blog. It's

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

Kelly Olexa said...

I'm doing the SAME thing today girl!! Yummmmmm
Have a killer week!!


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Kitty said...

hi liz, i liked your idea regarding Q's and A's! shoot them over in an email...

i promise to be so honest your eyes water.