Friday, January 30, 2009

Denial Workouts and Weight commentary

After reading Katie's blog today (and nearly peeing my pants, thanks K), I have to report in with my weight seeing as I went out for Thai with hubby last night (very enjoyable too I might add!).

Weight today: Up 0.5kg Notes: must Thai harder!

I wasn't expecting to see any drop - that 0.5kg is salt, carbs and a good dose of leg DOMS on this otherwise hot looking attractive sexy (need I say more?) gal.

Back to regular proceedings now- had a pretty busy day at Fitness First - got an hour of very light cardio in and pumped up my biceps (so I could admire them in the mirror all day..not) - what happened to my idea of interval running?? Hmmph! I managed to hog the squat rack for a lot of the morning with Miss Shannon and then Miss Dori (who I am sure thinks that I truly have earned my title as the "Mistress of Pain") - you see it's Dori's birthday tomorrow so we had to pull out the ol' "denial" workout and she nailed it beautifully. Quite a few of us at Fitness First this year are hitting our 40s and 50s and a mate of mine at the gym (who is also an Exercise Phys) coined the term "denial workout" - that is the workout you do where you're feeling invincible regardless of your age - we have a good giggle whenever we see each other training.

Busy weekend planned - have to teach two RPMs - one Saturday and the other on Sunday - not that I'm complaining. Gives me a chance to improve on last week's classes.

Then hopefully I will have a chance to read the paper and put my feet up (as per pic).

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


lunaticg said...

Look like you have been blogging for over 3 years now. Certainly a goog blog to read for weight lost.
See you around.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Cruella, that is the name I have dubbed you! I am in such pain. Last night, I was sitting in armchair and I couldn't get out to go bed. LMAO! and do you know what I did today - bought a kettle ball. hehehehe.