Monday, January 19, 2009

Training Update

Can't believe it - had a cancellation this morning and got some training in. Carolyn will be pleased to read that I did the same "flatline run" as she did this morning - 45 minutes of "hang in there, this too shall pass" and some chest/ shoulder work. It's rather nice to be pushing again - I always start off with decline push ups - today I knocked out 3 x 12 and next week will be adding a plate to increase the intensity. I mix up all of the pushing with a little bit of pulling to keep things in balance as I have a tendency to roll the heads of my humeri (I'm sure it's not "humeruses" :) ) forward so this helps me think of activating my lower traps and then I'm good. I even increased my lateral raise weight to 4kg - thrills all around!

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