Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Workout Confessional

For Shelley - weight today - 58.8kg (thank you, spank you as we discussed!) I'm going to send a blog weigh in to the wilderness for awhile so I would like to sit there and bask in my general hotness for today...kidding...but hey it sounded good and I am feeling pretty good about how the old bod is looking. I'm going for a little more weight nudgery in the downward direction but I could see the ol faithful lines in my legs as I was stepping today so all is nice.

I taught Bodystep this morning and even did some weights (more on this in a sec) - I must say that I am in a world of pain and DOMS today - my legs, my glutes, my calves, my abs are on fire but I loved dishing out every minute of the class yesterday right down to all the little dancy bells and whistles that you have the opportunity to add - I am also teaching on Saturday morning - may try for more choreo again..will see.

I labelled this post the workout confessional because lately I haven't trained my lower body at all - between RPM and STep I have been too scared to do any lower body training - yes, this chick hates leg DOMS! Although I am always banging on about the benefits of resistance training, I have been the cardio queen of late. I'm not sure what is on the cards training wise tomorrow - I have my general goals but usually wing it from day to day - see how the old legs are feeling - maybe it's time for an interval run...or maybe not!


MISS TANK said...

Oh Liz - i've been on asprin all week due to the pain of DOMS in my legs - i trained them on Monday and i'll be popping a couple before bed again tonight - ridiculous!

Can you PLEASE give me some of your cardio mojo!!!!!!!

Will be in Brissy mid-feb - am coming to smash it with you -ok?

Java said...

I need some cardio mojo too !!
Crickey Liz do you ever stop? LOL

I wrote a post I need some info on, I hope you can pop by and leave some of your very clever knowledge there for me if you don't mind please?
Ta in advance!! Java.

Java said...

HI Liz,
Thank you for your answer on my blog.

It will be great to see a post made out of it. I wish I could afford to hire you but atm I don't work yet.

I am 1.65m tall and weight 76-77kg.

My girlfriend the other day almost fainted and even honestly said "that's heavy!" I'm between a size 12 and 14 in my pants and 12's on top, if that helps. No fat % unfortunately.

I try to cycle about 40 min per day, maybe for now every day to every 2nd day since I've just started this regime in Nov 08 and sat on 20min then 30min per day for a few weeks each. At least there are progress, I just can't understand why my actually weight is not dropping.

If you send me your email I can fw you a photo?
Thanks, Java