Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dance, dance, ants in my pants!

Today's post is all about how, despite feeling blue about a few things over the past few days, I decided to reclaim my power through a bit of hard work and discipline.

It is all too easy to decide we are powerless over something and it is all too easy sometimes to wallow in your own misery, ie "this is too hard", "life is unfair", "why me and no one else?" etc etc. Naturally my own emo moments were running along the lines of "life is unfair" when my planned dinner turned out to be off and the fallout from the gym mix up on Saturday left me with a definite, "life is unfair" moment going on.

Anyway, to jump to another topic, I have been asked to fill two Bodystep classes a week for the next few weeks. I don't get much chance to teach Step as I don't have a regular class these days and hence, when the new releases come out I don't always learn the choreo because I figure that I'll get around to it when I have my own class. Rather than use the same choreo I am used to, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn new stuff to teach this morning. Even though I made a few mistakes I felt like my class well and truly made up for it with the intensity side of things - I really pushed it and felt like I was flying! I was drenched in sweat from head to toe when I was done and felt such a sense of accomplishment for getting a bit uncomfortable and really going for it. I didn't learn an entire release - the goal for next week's classes is to learn the second half and put the whole shebang together. Then hopefully send off my Certification video (only six years late, but..hey)

I'm so glad I pushed myself and believed in myself to get the job done. Consequently I feel on top of the world and not remotely interested in doing any emotional eating - there's the kicker, manage your moods and believe that you can handle anything and the battle with the emotional side will begin to pale. That is not to say that I will never eat for emotional reasons again - however this sort of stuff makes you sit up and take notice before you start heading for the muesli bars again which is why working it all out is so important.

I'm not usually one to log my scale weight but I want to do a Shelley today and write....
59.1kg (down .1kg - that piss-ant weenie amount...liar liar, pants on fire!) Hee, hee, the small things we do to amuse ourselves....


ss2306 said...

Nice job on the step class and stepping out of your comfort zone and "life is unfair" moments.

Don't you believe a word that "dickhead" says! I'm seein' an 8 in your number.

Splice said...

It doesn't surprise me that you did well in the step class ;-) Of course you did, you rock girl!

I shall try to call you again in the next few days for a catch up chat!

Miss you,