Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Catch Up

A blog for today as I'm going to head off the computer this weekend to spend time with family and cover the dreaded school books, so if anyone is wondering what my workout of the day is, shall we say it will involve sticky plastic and a deft hand with the scissors, Nikko pens and DYMO labeller!

I've just come back from teaching RPM this morning - bit of a pain as the receptionist who was meant to open the gym did not show up, we managed to get a key from another guy which snapped when we tried to get the door open...anyway we got in and got busy. It wasn't the greatest class I have ever taught and even though it may sound weird, I find myself learning so much from the "stinkers" because I really really want to be a superb instructor and coach. That is the beauty of group fitness, you never stop learning how to become a better instructor. Felt a bit lacklustre as TOM decided to turn up again after 2 weeks' break - I had decided to try the Pill again as a means of keeping my period pain under control but it didn't really do that much, so rather than go for a stronger Pill, I'm happily hormone free again. However I wasn't expecting to be rolling around with period pain again so soon...bugger.

Despite feeling like a bloated cow this morning, a few members asked me if I was competing again. I do have a little goal coming up and that is to become a Les Mills Presenter in RPM. Naturally I want to look really good and a bit leaner. Les Mills are looking for Brisbane presenters so I am putting my portfolio together in the hope of being asked for an audition. For me, this goal is getting over my shyness when it comes to things like auditions and instructor feedback. My steps that I have undertaken so far have been to work on the five elements of coaching as per Les Mills and I've been slowly working on different aspects of my class when I teach. The next big step I have taken is asking Ruthie T to evaluate my class. Any Les Mills instructor would know that Ruthie has played an integral role in developing Les Mills programs and just what an amazing mentor she is. Unfortunately when I've met Ruthie before, I've been so tongue tied ( kinda like meeting someone famous) and nervous that I haven't relaxed and enjoyed myself. So class is booked for a few weeks time and this is my next big test - to overcome my fear of looking silly in front of Ruthie. However, it's time for me to step up to the plate and push myself and let the cards fall where they may from there.

I must say that Shar, if you've been reading lately, I have been thinking about you and how fantastic you are to have been asked to become a presenter...awesome.

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