Friday, January 23, 2009

Love this one...and the Tennis!

Found this somewhere on the internet and want to dedicate it to Shelley who was feeling a little bit blah this morning and didn't feel like doing her training - so I told her to get with it and she pushed out a cracker of a GBC session for chest/biceps - we actually heavied up on a lot of the weights, the push ups were stronger...success all around. The only low light of the situation was that I had instructed Shelley to drop the dumbbells at one point so I could hand her a lighter pair to finish off a set and I had one dropped on my big toe...ouch!!! I am sure that it is going to look a treat by tomorrow morning!

Just dropped over to Rae's blog, where she has written about Casey Dellacqua and Roger Rasheed's take on her body fat levels. I was just commenting to hubs yesterday about how tennis players need to do more conditioning work in their offseason as I feel the game has changed a lot over the years and it is a sport where you need to be fitter (cardiovascular endurance), faster ( sprint/power training) and stronger (strength/power training) in one package. Tennis is simply not a sport where one can ditch one form of training in favour of another, yet you still need to get "results" in all of these areas of conditioning plus your court work to get better. On that note...go Miss Jelena Dokic tonight - that poor girl's been to Hell and back - I'll be cheering for you!

I think some "weekend warriors" get too involved in the minutiae of things - are overthinking and are not doing enough general conditioning work - my classic example is the person (whose main aim is to look better and live lean) who comes along and tells me their trainer is not "allowing" them to do any cardio because "they're going to lose muscle". These people are usually 25% + body fat and are overthinking, rather than acting. It's due to a lack of education on the trainer's part as well - don't get me started there! I encourage anyone that wants to be fitter faster and stronger (and as a side effect look sh*t hot) to do a wide variety of training - if you are focused on changing your body composition, focus on strength training first and add some cardio around it (preferably my RPM class, but hey, I'm biased!), some recovery and a bit of yoga/pilates here and there. Most of all, focus on getting a little bit better with each session you do and enjoy the journey! Right now I'm enjoying that I'm bench pressing and not getting any pain.

I have been visiting Nicole's blog and saw her post on favourite things - so thought I would add mine...
I have to say mine changes on a regular basis - firstly I'll do five favourite treats (it is Friday)

1) Any dessert from Freestyle Tout
2) Bulla Fruit and Yoghurt Raspberry Splits (more low brow, but works just as well!)
3) Mexican food - lots of it and preferably after running a marathon...if Mexican is not available then smoked salmon, capers and cream cheese on piping hot croissants will just have to do
4) Metabolic Drive Protein Powder - tastes so good, it could be dessert!!
5) My mother's sultana cake - rich, buttery and definitely not good for the carb fat balance :) :)

Protein Sources

1) Salmon
2) barramundi
3) veal
4) lamb
5) chicken

Starchy Carb Sources:
1) oats
2) basmati rice, preferably saffron and cardamom infused :)
3) potatoes - any type will do just nicely
4) Burgen Soy Lin Bread or fruit toast
5) Bakers Delight Capeseed Loaf

1) Any stone fruit or berries love them all
2) Fresh pineapple
3) Pumpkin, roasted with sea salt
4) Beans
5) Asian Greens

Now stop drooling over your computer and leave me a comment! Have a great weekend~!


Frankie said...

oh no! I'm an overthinker too..

hangs head...

Love the sign although in my case would have to read

"friends don't let friends lift HEAVY weights"

Skye said...

Oh now im thinking of smoked salmon,cream cheese and croissants...yummo....
Have a great weekend liz,
skye xx

Anonymous said...

Now I really am hungry!!!!! I now just do as I'm told with my training, lovin it!!!!

Have a great weekend

RaeC said...

Coming from someone who used to HATE cardio, I now don't want to give it up.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate being told to stop cardio closer to comp, but that is because it's near the pointy end and I can do with all the rest and recovery I can get.

My coach always told me I would learn to love cardio when I had increased my fitness levels. Swore black and blue I would never love it and only ended up proving him right YET AGAIN. I love being able to run for over an hour and the feeling of getting my breathing right and the feel of my body all working in tune to push myself forward. I would hate to give that up because it burns muscle.

My coach says if you are increasing your strength with weights while doing some cardio, you can't really lose muscle. The only time you are in danger of losing muscle is if your strength starts to wane and your weights get lighter.

I guess that's where I can be thankful with my coach... he is an all rounder like you. Because you don't coach just one type of sport, you meld many sporting techniques into your own unique style of coaching. And that is why you have such success with your clients hon xxx

Charlene said...

Liz, is pumpkin... well, pumpkin? like, pumpkin pie pumpkin? or is it what we call squash here in North America? :)

mmm...potatoes :)

ss2306 said...

Yay - she's blogged!

I'm pissing myself laughing thinking about dropping the weight - hope it's not too black and blue this morning and fits in your cycle shoe.

Who'd have thought I'd ever enjoy running!

Definately drool running down my chin - lucky I've just had my bowl of oats, pp & honey.