Thursday, January 22, 2009

Defining Your Success

I've had an interesting week so far in terms of busyness and training - and despite a very hectic schedule, I've managed to get a good whack of exercise in, not perfect mind you - but again my week has been proof positive that you don't have to be perfect to be successful - just get a bit in here and there, and put yourself on what I call "good nutrition autopilot" - just stick to the basics, don't plan to be perfect and be consistent!

This week I have done 2 RPM classes, 60 minutes of weights and taught Bodystep this morning. Considering this was the week that I'd get nothing done, I'm really pleased. Less volume and more intensity has worked well for me and I am feeling fit and strong. My other highlight of the week has been bench pressing on Monday - with my gammy shoulder I never thought this would ever happen again!

On the body composition front things are looking good too - after a pretty indulgent weekend (and yes, fat and carbs in the same meals featured at least more than once!), I woke up, pleased not to kick the scales and say, "wrong way dickhead!" - I've almost got myself to where I want to be but that ol drop has been a long time coming (for me, I take a good week to see the results of being a little more careful with my nutrition!). I have to use the mirror and my clothes as a guide to keep me tracking when the scale is not reflecting any change. I wore a pair of size 8 trousers out last night - it's been awhile.

Anyway, take home message is - train with joy - love what you do (gosh Step was fun this morning ), eat mindfully and enjoy the different flavours in your food and stay positive!


ss2306 said...

Fats and carbs together - oh my God how naughty (hehehe)

Size 8's - skinny bitch!

There's no such thing as perfect!

Nice job on the training front.


Sam D-M said...

hhhhehee kicking the scales is one, but calling it names too, funny!

Good on you on the 8's :)

little rene said...

Great post Liz! I am a "Girl gets it Done" groupie I think ;)
I love your blog!

Well done on the size 8 too!

Shar said...

I've got some down pat, others i'm trying and the positive thing is coming.

Shar x

Lia Halsall said...

Well done on kicking goals across the board this week you've done exceptionally well. Make sure you give yourself a big pat on the back Liz. :o) xxx