Friday, January 09, 2009

rest and recovery

All has been quiet over here lately - well, to be truthful, I haven't been exactly quiet but I've been juggling quite a few balls with doing quite a lot of writing (more shall be forthcoming on that), looking after kids and generally trying to recover from what has been a pretty hectic 2008. I had plans of going to the gym and training today and yesterday, but my body has been telling me that it doesn't want to train. I've got the beginnings of a sore throat and it is not like me at all not to want to do any exercise. Plus, I've been getting cold - another sign that I've been overtraining and not getting enough recovery.

Sometimes the word "recovery" sends chills down the spines of us fitness fanatics - many get concerned that they're going to "get fat because they're not training" - however, if you are truly overtrained and requiring recovery, this is the least of your worries. In fact, in this situation, taking a recovery break is exactly what you need. After two days off and lots of sleep and good food, I am starting to feel a lot warmer and my weight is dropping again. I will teach class tomorrow, have a steam and take Sunday off as well. I may be quiet for the next few days but you know where I'll be - sleeping or slopping around watching the tennis.


Stephanie Davis said...

i probably needed to read that liz, have been sick for a week now and driving myself into the ground the whole time. Hope you manage to fight it off!

Splice said...

Enjoy your rest Liz :-)