Saturday, March 01, 2008

Speed Queen!

This photo was taken just as I started teaching RPM Hi Performance this morning. I'm wearing my cool "Team Speed Queen" cycling jersey from . It's funny how you see yourself completely differently to what you actually "are". I knew I had pretty muscular legs but I didn't realize that my calves were so, uh, formidable :)

We had a great class this morning and afterwards Miss S and I met up with client and blogger, Michelle ( ) for a lower body training session and to check out Michelle's technique for moves such as deadlifts and squats. Michelle and I have never met in person and as far I know, Michelle has pretty much taught herself everything she has done in the gym. We did a few tough lower body drills, including suicide runs for Kerryn (I know she'll be pleased to read that we did quite a few sets of the suckers :) ). Then we moved onto BOSU sumo squats (these are great for establishing a strong squatting position), front squats, Romanian deadlifts and traditional deadlifts. I was thrilled to see that Michelle had fantastic technique! It's one of the biggest challenges I face when coaching online - how do I give clients the tools and understanding to be able to develop really good technique, having never met face to face. This is where I've found Mike Robertson to be fantastic - I've learnt a lot about coaching these moves by how he has taught me - I just wish that I had been as lucky as Lisa and had gone to his seminar!

I was also lucky enough to catch up with Lisa for lunch and marvelled at the changes in her physique after making the switch to powerlifting. I briefly dabbled with powerlifting years ago and I am still carrying around the changes I made to my physique, way back when. To make the greatest changes in shape you need to go for big compound moves and great periodization.

That's about all from me for today - hope everyone is having a great weekend.


MTB Girl said...

I love your jersey! I wish it wasn't so expensive to get stuff delivered from Team Estrogen :(

What are the 2XU knicks like? I've been thinking of getting some, but they are a bit thin on the ground around here. Which ones do you have?


Antigone said...

You are the speed queen hun :)
Have a lovely weekend :)

Cat said...

Love your jersey, very nice.

Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

gorgeous jersey, but I have to ask- what are suicide runs?

Pip said...

AWESOME work Liz!

Just letting you know I intend on hopefully meeting you in person in July 08 LOL!

In a controlled manner I've been able to shuffle my holiday plans which means I will be able to run in the Gold Coast either 10km or half marathon this year. And I used to live for a while in both Maroochydore and Broadbeach so intend to train hard and catch up with mates from there, Noosa and Brissie mid year. Maybe a hardcore RPM class will be in order for me then!


Shannon said...

Nice pic Liz! You look very at home on your bike :) Hopefully be able to meet up with you very soon. x