Monday, March 17, 2008

Open Wide, Sunshine..and the rest

It's been a pretty higgledy piggledy weekend for me here which started off with little sleep on Friday and a stinker RPM class on Saturday morning, which I'm sorry to say was not my best effort. It felt like every muscle fibre throughout my body was against me with every pedal stroke I took and I've been sore to the touch nearly everywhere all weekend. I've been drinking buckets of water and taking it easy. It's those less than perfect classes that make me question why I teach group fitness sometimes - however I used my "stinker class" experience to work out how I could improve things for my next effort. I took pen to paper and I journalled about all the things that were playing on my mind - the upcoming surgery, meeting my weight loss deadline, getting more organized and all the other minor stuff such as "what's for dinner?" which is like a shot of potent poison to any tired woman, mother or not.

Today I really paced myself during class as I am still feeling sore and joints are rather reactive. This helped me focus on my teaching a bit more, except in Track Six where I felt a lump in my throat and quickly swallowed it way. Turns out that one of my teeth had cracked and part of it had chipped off and I had swallowed it. This was a tooth that had a previous problem, luckily - so all plans on getting on top of client emails before dinner were shelved and it was off to the dentist. My mouth is still numb from the huge local my dentist gave me. He explained how my mouth doesn't take too well to anaesthetic and wanted to be safe rather than have me in pain. It hurt like blazes going in and now I'm feeling quite swollen and woozy.

In other news, it turns out I purchased the wrong post augmentation bras - which I need for the surgeon on Wednesday. This new round of suckers is quite scary -- I could easily fit in a tennis ball into the B Cup and a rather large orange into the C number. Just goes to prove that you see yourself differently to how you really are - I hadn't realized how much I'd shrunk over the years.


Michelle said...

I hope you are feeling better

Anonymous said...

Ouch, i hate going to the dentist so i feel for you.

I'm sure getting all the necessary bras etc for post op is making it all very exciting.

Antigone said...

I hope your feeling better after your visit to the dentist, and that your poor body is free of pain :)

Just you wait till you fill those bras you just wont know yourself or wipe the smile of hubbies face hehe :)