Friday, March 07, 2008

Weekly Wrap Up and new from Amy

Another busy week done and dusted - I'm really pleased to have squeezed in three strength training sessions and done the one hour and forty minute Spinervals effort in there as well. I enjoyed my at home training session so much that I'm going to tackle something else next week. I'm not sure what I'm going to pull out but with selling all these top notch DVDs, I have no shortage of choice.

Amy Bento is one instructor from the USA whose DVDs I stock. She's just about to release three new workouts - the one above is a kickboxing DVD with 11 different versions of the workout (or Premixes as we call them in the exercise DVD world). At $24.95 it's quite a bargain as you'd be lucky to get a casual visit to a gym for under $15.00 these days and you can pull out a DVD and do it in your PJs and running shoes if you're not up to workout wear. You'll all be relieved to know that I had my cycling kit on for my Spinervals workout!

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't let limited (or no) gym access get in the way of your workout. You can really get a great workout from a step, an exercise bike (or wind trainer), bands, dumbells and stability balls. Even though I found not going to gym tough when I lived in Woop Woop, I ended up becoming very good friends with my DVD collection, the local park, strategically placed train sleepers (think intensity ladders, zig zags and the rest) etc etc. I enjoyed my foray back to my DVDs that I'm going back to a weekly appointment :)

I've got an RPM weekend lined up - tomorrow is my regular Hi Performance Class and on Sunday I'm filling in for George over at Toowong. Wahoo!

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Lisa said...

I'd love to see the spin in your Pj's!