Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Training Update

Pretty busy day here - I had the opportunity to teach Bodystep today. I haven't done a Bodystep fill in ages and I had a lot of fun practising and teaching the new release. Apart from that I've been focusing on eating well and reaching my goal of 59kg by tomorrow for my appointment. I weighed in at 59.3kg this morning.

I'm amazed at how different I look now that I've shed a little more body fat. It's nowhere near my figure best of course, but I certainly have changed shape. I think that's the best part of training really - you maintain for a long while and focus on adding muscle and getting stronger and then you get an opportunity to lean out a little and delight in the changes!

I must admit I'm now officially nervous about this next consult.

More tomorrow


katiep said...

Good luck with tomorrow Boss

Andj said...

All the best for the appointment tomorrow!

Kek said...

Good luck with the consult!