Sunday, March 09, 2008

Am I fat?

Thought I would post a few photos of what an off season competitor (aka healthy woman!) looks like. Miss S, Andj and I were playing around with the camera ( I was taking some shots of Miss S who is 10 weeks out today) and I asked them to take some photos of me. I wanted to see the effects of the Mike training - would be more obvious if I was in comp shape and I also wanted to post what a healthy weight looks like when you're not competing.

I think many of us fight with the notion of what a realistic off season weight is, especially anyone that has competed in a Figure Competition. We've been very lean in order to step onto that stage and post comp you're placed in an unusual position of having to gain weight. As the size 6s and 8s don't fit anymore, you begin to feel despondent and rather pudgy. Notice I said feel pudgy, not actually become pudgy.

I've been hovering between the high 59s and into the 60kg mark which is 5-6 kilos above my comp weight of 54kg. These photos are taken in the midst of the worst fluid retention due to TOM possible (just to add more normalcy to them). I believe this is a good, realistic off season weight to sit at.

What do you believe? Carrying too much fat or just right?

I also have Mike to thank for this as I think all those deadlifts have added some muscle :)


Andj said...

Those pics came out Really well Liz. I think you look great!
I can happily say that after that uplifting class yesterday I am most definitely 100% back on track!
Thanks so much.

katiep said...

You look amazing - your back and arms look great. I am so glad you are looking after me ... as they say the proof is in the pudding ... mmmm pudding ... shouldn't have gone there :)

LizN said...

Hey Andj, you're welcome - did you get any samples of weed (herbal tea ;) )?

Hey Katie, thanks :) And pudding is good, especially if it's protein pudding, yum!

Andj said...

Yes got the herbal substance samples - georgous geisha I think. Bought the quince one - it is good. Had a try of the Turkish apple tisane made cold with lemonade....soooo goood - but a bit sugary for everyday - it's treat tea.

ss2306 said...

The fact that you maintain year round without fluctuation is truly inspirational. You live healthy, love life and set a fantastic example to others, including myself!

Luv ya

LizN said...

Loves ya too - I want dem boots tho'

Magda said...

Way too fat in my opinion ...... NOT!!!! LOL
If I was 5-6 kgs over my comp weight I'd be extatic but alas I'm about double that now. Never mind. I'm working on getting a bit leaner now and I'm feeling good so thats more than 1/2 the battle for me.



Batty F said...

You look very spunky. And you make a very good point too. It's really a mental health issue rather than a physical issue to think in terms of fatness for anyone in this kind of shape.

But i can only imagine that the emotional effect of the physical reality of going from on-season to off-season must be mentally very challenging.

As a non-figure person i feel i go from off-season to offer-season :)

Anonymous said...

You are looking great Liz. You remain a huge inspiration to me, thanx :-)

RaeC said...

As Goldilocks once famously said... "I think you are juuuuuuuust right!!" Looking hot there Ms Liz, nice muscle development!! xxx

Pip said...

You look very fit Liz! Lean, strong and great!

If you are still teaching fitness classes like RPM etc in July, - I intend to pop along to a class as I will be in Brissie then. Am coming over to the Gold Coast half marathon or 10km, (undecided still) and then will spend the next 10 days between Gold Coast, Brissie and the Sunshine Coast!

Lisa said...

I can see those deadlifts influencing the shape of you back. The moment I saw the first pic, my immediate thought was "powerlifters back".

You look perfect - as you know!


Michelle said...

Lookin' good!

Antigone said...

FIrstly FANTATSIC pics I reckon you must be feeling really good nowing you are not that far off your comp weight and you look really healthy and glowing :)

With the nice stuff said I want to say WHERE IS THE MUFFIN TOP hehe

Good on you hun look foward to seeing you on stage :)

Splice said...

Just Right!! No doubt about it Liz.
I WANT your shoulders girl, wow, you have developed some muscle, good work.

Loved the post.