Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Facts not Feelings

Today has been one of those days where I've needed to stick to facts and avoid feelings. It may sound a bit peculiar coming from someone like me that really values the power of intuition, however being 100% reliant on your feelings isn't such a brilliant idea.

For example, if I had listened to my feelings and not looked at the facts, I would have:

- blown off my workout because I'm feeling lazy and hey I'm maintaining so it doesn't matter..

- eaten some Anzac biscuits with morning tea today because they were there and looked yummy...

- eaten a big bowlful of icecream because I'm really 'craving' it and hey I'm 'maintaining now' so it shouldn't matter...

The facts are that:

- I've eaten very well today, plenty of veggies, lean protein, water and a decent amount of calories - it's even more important to eat well because you're maintaining.

- I've done my training because it's important to me to feel good as well as look half decent

- there's no physiological reason why I need the extra empty calories today, no PMS or TOM or extra heavy training.

- that maintenance requires effort, as does paddling upstream and losing weight....

-AND most importantly that my long term goals are so much more important than short term gratification.

I do have a little goal that is important to me - I want to be 59.0kg on my second consult date and today I am 59.9kg. In my photos I am 63kg - there was about 3kg of TOM bloat hanging around. If I want to achieve this goal, I must paddle a little harder - not be stupid, but paddle nevertheless.

Training: 1/2 Kenpo X Plus (nowhere near as good as the first one), Spinervals 30 min technique clinic.


Selina said...

Loved that post Liz, as I do all of yours :) It simply does come down to decisions. :)
You look great too in your pics!

Lisa said...

The power of choice and living lean! You go girl.


Shannon said...

Liz you put everything so simply! You definately walk your talk :) Your posts always get me motivated when I don't feel like doing anything its great to have a trainer that does what she teaches xx

Splice said...

You are making all the right decisions Liz, good job! I think it's important to stop and think before eating something that you know will make you feel guilty once it hits your stomach.
Understanding how it makes you feel to eat it, and understanding how it makes you feel to "not" eat it should be considered at all times, this generally helps me make my decision.
Deb xx

Antigone said...

Good on you hun for taking control :)