Friday, March 14, 2008

Five for Friday

I've been inspired by Leslie ( ) and her Take 5 Tuesday, but because I forgot to do this on Tuesday (typical me) I've decided on "Five for Friday instead".

5 Names You Love:

- Sarah
- Georgia
- Julia (that would have been child number 3 if she had eventuated)
- Darcy
- Emma

5 Favourite Breakfasts:

- oats, Vanilla Whey and skim milk
- fruitsalad and ricotta
- pancakes
- bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon
- omelettes with heaps of veggies

5 Favourite Stores (and why):

- Lorna Jane (I love the clothes!)
- (I can lose myself browsing here for hours!)
- Borders (see "Amazon")
- Toowong Village Fruit Shop and Deli - (always get the yummiest fruit and veggies here)
- Officeworks (I'm a stationary tragic)

5 Jobs you've had (and 5 you wish you had)
I've had...
-checkout chick at Woollies
- nightfill diva at Woollies
- prawn deveiner and kitchenhand for a Japanese restaurant
- pharmacist
- Group Fitness Instructor

Wish I had...
- travel compere for Getaway
- travel writer
- journalist reviewing concerts, movies and new products
- gone all the way and become a GP (though no regrets now)
- been a fashion designer...

5 Phrases I overuse on a regular basis..

- "c'mon!", "let's cane it!" and "awesome" when teaching RPM
- "oh crap" (self explanatory)
- "sumting wong!" ( Self Chinese Speak for "Something's wrong!")
- "Ok, Frost, you're driving!" (from the movie - Aliens - describing DH always driving everywhere)
-"I've checked your Calorie King" (all my clients would know this one!)
- "cheers" and "hugs" when signing off emails ---hang on that's six :)

What are your five for Friday?


leslie said...

Love the expression "stationary tragic!" Have you visited It's fabulous!

I got the Take 5 Tuesday stuff from She posts a new list every week. I'm glad you think it's fun -- I do too!

Have a wonderful weekend, Liz! (ooh -- weekend -- maybe there will be more STS pictures on -- are you so excited???)

Pip said...

Liz! Love the post and questions and your answers! I felt compelled to reply LOL!

5 names I love:
* Monique
* Zara
* Alex, (or Alexis)
* Felicity
* Adam
(Sorry, chicks rule guys here lol!)

5 fave brekkies:
* oats cooked with water in microwave with heated frozen blueberries, (from frozen) and protein powder stirred through
* the oats, but either frozen raspberries or a chopped banana and water zapped up in the microwave for a couple of mins with half a scoop of protein powder
* The 1/3 Cup of microwaved oats and water again with either a grated apple or pear stirred through with half a scoop of protein powder
* low fat/low sugar but natural UN SWEETENED yoghurt with 1-2 serves of raw fresh fruit chopped and stirred through with half a scoop of protein powder, but can do without the p-powder too!.
* Ryvitas or dark wholegrain toast with low fat cottage cheese, perhaps smidgen of avocado and smidgen of vegemite and sliced tomato.
* This is 6 but a vegie omelette with salad occasionally at weekends when I have time is awesome!

* David Jones, (for the sheer variety of stuff there! - AND presentation! Myer is a close 2nd)
* Rebel Sports, - LOVE that store, - to the bore of my sis LOL!
* Maurice Meade, - the salon where LOVE to get my hair done! A bit expensive but SOOO good!
* Fresh fruit and vegie markets - any are great!
* Any surf and beach wear/gadget shops and fashion shops!
There are a whole lot more too!

* catering/cafe/bakery manager present!
* strawberry picker
* Housekeeper at Millbrook Resort, Queenstown NZ and Mercure Resort Queenstown
* Waitress and Food and Beverage attendant at Millbrook and Mercure as well
* Tree weeder/planter/pruner, (for seedling trees as they are growing)

5 Jobs I'd LOVE to try:
* All round owner/manager of a health/relaxation spa beachside! Think like The Golden Door Health Retreat in Queensland right on the coast!
* Wine maker/taster/marketer
* Personal trainer
* Travel show host, (like Catriona Rowntree)
* Sports nutritionsist or dietitian

* Awesome!
* Cheers!
* Gotta 'arse up', (turn up and give all!)
* Bugger!
* Howdee!


Raechelle said...

Looks like fun-but hard too-LOL!
I'll give it a go this week!
Oh-and thanks for sharing....once again!

Lady G said...

Toowong fruit and veg! It is a great shop but I have particularly fond memories because it was there that I first discovered this new fangled thing "Greek Yoghurt". Now it's sold everywhere and still deliciously cream! And healthy too...if you use it instead of cream :)