Saturday, March 29, 2008

Haven't been abducted by aliens...

I've just been on holidays!! DH and I decided to take a five day break with the girls before I have my surgery.
We left last Monday, after I taught my usual RPM class - it was full and pumping! I just felt like I had energy to burn during the class - a fantastic feeling.
We spent the five days in Hastings Point and stayed at a Big 4 Family Park which has had great reviews on "Getaway" - we took the girls swimming in the pool, into the indoor play centre, went for a couple of very long walks on the beach (and had lunch in Byron) and went kayaking on Wednesday morning. This took me back to me back to my Outrigging days when we were first married and lived on the Sunshine Coast. In outrigging, there are usually six to the craft and I was always in position number one or two - the pace setting positions. DH was most annoyed as I was sitting in the front of the kayak and had set off at a blistering pace, yelling at me that "we weren't at the Olympics!" Of course, I eased off somewhat but I wasn't surprised that we easily made it to the end of the designated course and back within two hours. DH has been nursing sore forearms and my lats and abs are sore from the twisting.
I had plans of getting up every morning and going running, but it just didn't happen. Instead I slept a lot and slopped around watching the swimming. I seriously can't wait for the Olympics - I find them inspiring! My body seemed to need sleep - but now I'm raring to go and looking forward to the next two and a half weeks of training pre op. I've had raging PMS this week and ended up having a sugar bender this afternoon - yes, everyone has moments where they overeat or bomb out with their nutrition but getting back on track feels even better! I'm really going to focus on eating well and then gradually switching up to a higher protein diet as suggested by the surgeon. Apparently it's helpful with healing.
Monday is going to be a shock to the system - two RPMs to teach and upper body weights. I guess that is why taking a complete break every now and again is so good for you!
PS - you may be wondering why I chose the "Aliens" movie poster - this was one of the first movies I saw with hubby when I was, gasp, seventeen. This movie is one of our classics and between us we try and find as many situations in life where we can apply a movie line! We also do this with "Star Wars". Tell me I'm not the only tragic who does this!


Lisa said...

I don't do the movire line thing...but I loved Sigourney with the shaved head and buff bod!

Carolyn said...

You're not the only one Liz....I have a model Lego Millenium Falcon in my study (yes, I built it, couple of years ago). On one recent (large scale) project, my work colleagues (and me) even managed to associate our entire project team with Star Wars characters. I got to be Princess Leia, since in Engineering there aren't many women so I got to be the one token chick from the film. We had one group working on another part of the project who we thought of as the Evil Empire, and we thought of ourselves as the Rebel Alliance. Our site manager was Yoda, and he was training one of my team (yes, he was Luke Skywalker) in the ways of the site/project management "Force". We got a lot of mileage out of it, and a lot of fun too!
Fellow Star Wars tragic :)

Antigone said...

Ok Liz I am going to give it to you straight!
you are TRAGIC hehe

I was just watching the second alien versus preditor have to say I was alittle disappointed.

Sounds like you have had a great holiday hun good to have you back though :)

redcat said...

Tragic with Aliens, but even more tragic with Blazing Saddles and Airplane, plus a bunch of Arnie movies. One of my more famous sig lines was, "If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Glad to see you in great spirits, Liz!

Ali said...

Sounds like you had a great break, just what we all need sometimes, great idea before your surgery as well.

have a great week
Ali xxx

Cat said...

I dont' think i've seen any of the Alien movies, i guess that makes me tragic!

You aren't alone in the movie line thing, i'm always using lines from my fav comedies.

Hope you are having a great week

Andj said...

Hi Liz. Hope all is well...
had doms after RPM yesterday shoes make a big difference.
Chat soon,