Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Coconut Chicken Curry

This recipe will totally blow the notion out of the water that I'm a gourmet cook and prepare everything from scratch.

Coconut Chicken Curry

1 kg skinless chicken breast, choppped
1 packet (yes, packet!) McCormicks Slow Cooker Mild Chicken Curry recipe base
750g white potato, chopped roughly
2 big onions, sliced roughly
250 ml coconut milk (not the fat reduced)
250 ml evaporated milk, flavoured with coconut
Coriander to garnish.

Brown onions and chicken and then throw into a slow cooker or stock pot with potatoes, recipe base, coconut milk and evaporated milk. Mix a bit. Then set slow cooker for 4-5 hours or simmer 2-3 hours on stove.

I serve this with lots of steamed veggies - green beans look really good with it.

Stats are: 300 calories, 31g protein, 9.2g fat, 27.5g carb.


MTB Girl said...

YUM! How many serves is it?


Jools Journey said...

Thanks Liz,

Youve made me very happy!

Guess whats for tea tonight!

Cat said...

Sounds delicious, i will be giving it a go

LizN said...

Serves 8 everyone!

LizN said...

Serves 8 everyone!

little rene said...

Thanks Liz!

Mine is bubbling away on the stove as I am writing this. I love it when someone else comes up with the ideas for dinner, at this stage of my journey I like to keep the thinking to a minimum! LOL!

Kek said...

Pfft! What's a little cheating when you're busy? I love those pre-made sauces for tasty mid-week meals. :p

Of course, I'd have to put spinach in it.... I loves me spinach! ;o)

Kristy said...

Hi Liz

Your curry looks delicious.

I was just looking at your fitness site at the dvd's you sell and wondering if you could recommend a weights dvd. I think I would like to try and weights at home, but with the dvd's what equipment do you need at home? I was looking at the 4 day split, that sounds interesting, but again what equipment do I need.

Look forward to hearing from you.