Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Caning it and the nutrition revolution

I'm back from RPM Hi Performance and I am very pleased to say that I gave my class a thorough caning. There were a few members there that do my Saturday class and know what to expect from me and then there were some that looked at me as if I was on some sort of energy drug.

My energy drug of choice is good food! Somehow I managed to get into two conversations about nutrition, one with two of the guys who unanimously agreed that most women don't push themselves hard enough during RPM because they're not fueled enought to really go for it. I think for many women, this is right on the money.

The second conversation post class was with a group of women - I mentioned that I had to get home right away and have dinner. I was telling them that I was happy that I'd made a curry to eat before I had left to go to class.
They asked me, "what sort of curry"
- and I said "coconut chicken curry" with heaps of veggies -
the first response was not "yum", but "uh, did you make that with coconut milk/cream",
to which I said , "go the coconut milk!"

I then caught up with two of the same women in the changerooms who said "so you actually do eat then?"
They weren't being sarcastic, rather they were amazed at the thought of me not only eating, but eating a curry with coconut milk.

I then explained to them that if they were to perform at the highest level in class (or chosen sport), then they needed to eat to fuel their workouts! Then they said "but you're not fat!". I said gently that I did watch what I ate, but not in the sense of extreme caloric restriction - the focus on good nutrition and a treat meal every now and again.

So it's time to create a nutrition revolution for women - one where we enjoy eating well and choosing meals that deliver optimum nutrition, yet not being so uptight about it that we don't enjoy a nutritionally devoid treat every now and again.

So who's in?


Lisa said...

I am hearin' you sister!!!!

miss N said...

Absolutely!!!! now I only have to learn to put that into practice!

little rene said...

Count munchkin and I in! We LOVE good wholesome tucker :)

Combat Girl said...




Kek said...


Seems every female at my office is 'on a diet' and I just cannot believe the boring food they eat - and as for the teeny-weeny portions....

It's definitely time for a revolution!

emharvie said...

I'm in! Bring it on!!!

katiep said...

I'd follow your advice to the ends of the earth - eating more good food has revolutionised my life and the look of my body.
Let the revolution begin!

Raechelle said...

Yep-I'm already in as well! So many women just don't get it-eat-eat-eat I say!

Anonymous said...

How about starting a recipe blog Liz, you always seem to cook really yummy recipes...

That curry one sounds like a 'wizzbanger'

Anonymous said...

Bring on the revolution.

Im in

Barb said...

Can you please post the recipe for the curried chicken?

Ali said...

sounds great I'm in as well :)

Antigone said...

Bring it on :)
Your doing a great job hun :)