Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kicking it Loud

I had an awesome workout yesterday - I taught RPM Hi Performance and totally thrashed it. I had thought after last week's effort that I wasn't going to raise the bar any higher for awhile, but yersterday proved me wrong again. I know I've been on about this for a long time in my blog, but the power of your mind is an amazing tool! You see, I was expecting the arrival of my good monthly mate and was feeling a bit low, but before the class I listened to my music and visualised a good teaching effort and good performance, which is exactly what happened. I don't think there's a better feeling exercise wise - the endorphins you receive after giving something your best shot.
I left on Cloud Nine and had morning tea with Miss S - our RPM meet ups on Saturday mornings have become a regular thing and so much fun to share the RPM love with someone who is just as keen for a thorough pasting as I am.
Today has been pretty low energy - I've been fending off the monthly attack with some super duper Naprogesics and planning for a great week ahead.


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Antigone said...

You rock :)
If i am ever in your neck of the woods i will have to come along to one of your classes :)
Only if you promise to pick up off the floor when th class is over LOL