Friday, February 22, 2008

Launch Mania

Tomorrow I am launching RPM 38 at my home club (Fitness First @Indro) - and we are having a "Back to School" theme. I'm really looking forward to it - all of the instructors dress up in crazy outfits and we team teach - I am teaching with Leesa tomorrow and launching Bodystep on Sunday with Rachelle.

I spent the day practising Step with Rachelle and Wanda and did a one hour rolling intervals run and 20 minutes on the elliptical. The downside of being such a cardio queen today is that I've been absolutely starving! Bugger!

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


Tara said...

I hope that the launch goes well today Liz. I would love to come down and do a class tomorrow. I already have plans though. Definitely next time!!


Antigone said...

That sounds like a heap of fun hun :)
WOW you are the cardio queen!
I am loving the bike and I think this is really helping me with my weightloss, I never thought I would love cardio LOL
Have a great time hun :)