Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Runnin' Wild and Free

I'm recovering from a big weekend of launches - 3 RPM and 1 Bodystep class. The title of my post today reflects Track 5, "Running Wild and Free" by a group called Airbourne. It's a really meaty thumper of a track and the noise that an entire room full of RPMers can make during it is really something else - did anyone say "hey,hey,hey!". My favourite track of Bodystep this round was the Party Track - "Get Me Bodied" by Stardancer2 which was great fun.

Yesterday happened to be an unscheduled rest day due to Miss G being unwell. Luckily she is firing on all cylinders this morning and so am I - lucky really as I am subbing a Hi Performance class this afternoon, so I had better have my game face on!

Appropriate recovery is just as important as good training - the down time yesterday did me good, even though genetically my recovery is superb. Gotta look after my little "ability".


leslie said...

I looked for both songs on iTunes -- not there. Sigh. If you like 'em, I'm sure they're great!

Barb said...

Hmmm I did rpm for the first time last night and I can only wonder if the sore behind gets better the more you do it??????

LizN said...

It just takes a bit of practice and you'll find it gets easier and easier. A gel overlay also helps with some seats.

RaeC said...

OMG... that is one of my favourite cardio songs. I got it free as an iTunes promotion once before comp last year when downloading a whole pile for my cardio playlist and I though "What the heck, it's free if I don't like it I won't listen to it," but it's an awesome one to run to and has become one of my most fave's!! xxx