Wednesday, February 06, 2008

feeling my way through big decisions

It's been a few days since I blogged - I've had quite a few issues of a more personal nature to deal with - all is good though and I'm going to talk about one of them right now.

As many of you know, I have been considering having an abdominoplasty for a long time (several years!) and that one of my goals in becoming a Figure Competitor way back when was to see how far I could take my abs without surgery. I am very proud of what I've achieved but could not get rid of the loose skin no matter how hard I tried. Coupled with that I actually had a very funny looking "hole" close to my belly button. My GP suggested I have an abdominoplasty over a year ago, but I wanted to spend 2007 maintaining a stable weight and feeling good about myself. At my last annual check up we discussed it again and I agreed to get a couple of referrals to Plastic Surgeons for muscle repair and removal of the loose skin.

I had my first appointment with a surgeon on Monday morning. I was extremely nervous and self conscious and must have made at least three nervous visits to the bathroom as he was running an hour behind schedule. However the reason for his lateness it seems is the amount of time he spends explaining the surgery to his patients - my consult went for a solid hour. Initially he examined my skin and thought that I could opt for partial repair and then I lay down and he felt my diastasis - it is 10cm wide in places running from my sternum to pubic bone! No wonder I've been having trouble holding my tummy in! He then suggested a full abdominoplasty and showed me exactly what would happen and his unique approach to scar and swelling management. He wasn't confident that it would help my SIJ issues.

Then I don't know what came over me because I then asked him to have a look at my breasts - I didn't want big breasts but was it possible to lift what I had? His answer was that I hadn't really drooped but rather had shrunk and suggested small implants to take me from an saggy A cup to a B cup. He suggested I try on the recommended post surgery bra in the size I wanted. I chose a 12 B (I was a B/C before kids) and was horrifed to see that there was no way I could "fill" this bra. I don't understand why I've been so oblivious to my chest as I haven't worn a proper bra for the last few years, rather using those wonderful Bonds crop top/comp prep bras.

The worst part is that I'll probably have to take six months off training, though the surgeon said I should be back full throttle within about 12 months.

I've spent the better part of the last few days agonizing over this decision - questioning myself - "am I being too vain", "should this be of importance to you?", "is the down time worth it?" , "what if I have complications" etc etc.

Anyway I think I'm going to do it - wish me luck.

Training today:
Heavy legs
Barbell Front Lunge
Pull Throughs
Single RDLs
Glute Ham raise (oooh aaah)

Run: 60 /60 intervals 20 minutes, 20 minutes steady state


Cat said...

Good Luck with it all, i do think you are doing the right thing in going for it. I will be honest and say that the down time for me following abdo surgery has been tough but i decided to turn the time into a mental challenge instead of my usual physical ones. Im using it to get more certificates and further my uni ed.

Good on your for asking about the boobs as well! He does sound like a very good surgeon, from the amount of time he took with you explaining everything.

Awesome workout as well by the way


Andj said...

WOW Liz - what a big decision to make. I think it is a little bit exciting for you becaue I know personally that when you have been thinking about doing something for a long time and you finally make the decision to do it, it can be a very big step. Good on you.
I also think that if you want to make yourself feel and look better by having this surgery then go for it! There isn't anything worng with being a tiny bit vain in this day and age - and I don't think that this even enters the vain category!
Good luck with it all.

LizN said...

Thank you for your support, Cat - it means a lot- I just posted in your blog - must be up late in Brisvegas!

LizN said...

Thanks Andrea, I really appreciate your support!

Dianna Broeren said...

Good Luck Liz! No doubt you are making the decision that is right for you.

katiep said...

I think that you have made the perfect decision for you after considering all your options.

When you think about it, 6 months is a really short amount of time out of your whole life.

I love Cat's idea to use the time developing other parts of your life - you could think about devoting yourself to growing mentally or spiritually.

Just as long as your fingers still work so you can send forth your amazing emails full of knowledge, support and encouragement - and you keep blogging!

"get it done" and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your days

LizN said...

Thanks Di :) and Katie - don't worry I'll be more than capable of keeping in touch :)


Antigone said...

Honey you are amazing!
12 months out of the rest of your very long very healthy life thats nothing! You will be back in action before you know it! And dare I say looking bloody HOT1!!!
Your hubby is going to have to keep you in a potatoe sack just to keep you safe from all the boys LOL

Fun aside you are one amazing mummy who has worked bloody hard to get you where you are today and you deserve to be proud of yourself and on a very serious note you only live once and don't you want to know that you lived it feeling bloody fantastic!!!

Good on you hun :)
And good luck :)

LizN said...

Thank you Em (((EM)))

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Liz,
You could use the down time to write that book!
Best wishes,

Java said...

Good on you Liz! I am so happy for you, you are fit enough to regain what you loose during recovery. If I had the money/guts I probably would have loved a little bit bigger breast size too, I am the same as you after kids I travel at A/B cup, I love the crop tops to but there are times that I would have loved a better girly look. Go for it!

leslie said...

You are the only one who can make this decision for yourself. Having said that, after 2 kids, being in my late 40s, and staying in the mid-130s in weight, "the girls" were heading in the hacky-sack in a sock direction. So itwo years ago got small implants to get back to where I used to be (middle C). And I have never regretted the decision. I feel more feminine. And my husband, who truly didn't care what I did, LOVES the result.

I had six weeks of no training, and while it was tough to adjust to, I used the time (as several have suggested) to focus on other areas.

I look forward to continuing the follow your journey, girl!

Lisa said...

Great decision. The recovery time will seem such a distant memory in 2 years time....and you can at least have fun with the new "girls" while you are sitting out on training.


* miss tiny donna * said...

hi liz baby,

as you well know, i have had surgey and i wouldnt change it for the world. of course mine was pain related but also gave a nice physical transformation too. i will invite you to my boob blog in a sec. anyway go to if you are looking at procedures. there are HEAPS of people on there that can answer Q's and pics of post procedures etc... i used it every day coming up to my BR.

anyway ignore the horror stories, it seems the US and UK get more horror stories than we do. hehe.

anyway enough of that.. you are in tip top shape and hell why not make improvements!

as for the boob thing.. go for it! remember cocoa butter is your friend heheh...

emharvie said...

Congratulations on making a massive decision. I am sure you will feel and look fabulous afterwards. I was stressing about taking 6 weeks of training when I have my breast reduction - you just put that back into perspective for me! I'm getting off easy :)

Splice said...

I know your doing the right thing hun.
Keep me up to date.

little rene said...

"Knowing" you Liz and the fact that you always make very considered decisions, I am sure that you will make the right one for you!

I will enjoy hearing about your journey no matter what you decide to do :)

Good luck with it all georgous girl :)

Kristy said...

Good luck Liz, I wish you all the best with your decision and the surgery

Hilds said...

Hi Liz, I think it is fantastic that you are going ahead with the surgery. You have made it clear that you are doing it for all the right reasons (just for you!). So I wish you all the best!

Pip said...

Congrats Liz! It all sounds very well thought through and planned! I think you are making a great decision for you.

That is because you come across as a confident person who is happy with yourself and life NOW! The results will make you feel extra special and groomed greatly!

IE, you are not one of those people who think your life will change for the better, 'once you have surgery'.

Best of luck Liz!


Combat Girl said...

WOW Liz,

Thats great. If you can survie in whoop whoop you can certainly survive 12 months of no training.

You are strong and you will get through the difficult period and you will be standing there after 12months with a hot new bod.

I think its wonderful.