Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Racking more than my weights!

Since considering having my girls cheered up, I've spent a lot of time looking at magazines, other people's chests etc for some ideas of what I'd like them to look like when I'm done. Obviously not like the example above, though you could definitely knock yourself out with these whilst you're out running.
My goal is to remain looking athletic, but just a little bit curvier - though hubby suggested going 'a little larger'. Just what I expected a man to say, lol.
Woke up this morning to some pretty intense DOMS. With big compound moves like deadlifts and squats where you recruit not only prime movers but accessory muscles, it's a pretty normal phenomenon. My love affair with deadlifts has not only improved my glutes and my hamstrings (which are my weakest link) but also my back muscles.
Many women avoid lifting big weights for the fear of getting "too big". If I focus more on my quads, I certainly do look bigger. However most women by virtue of our anatomy have a less than satisfactory posterior chain - so it makes sense to work it hard - it also has a corrective effect. I'm getting bigger right where I need it - in the glute area. I'm nowhere near a Beyonce bubble but it's really nice to feel some muscle there finally!


* miss tiny donna * said...

dont go for D's please dear liz don't do it!

go for small C cups :D

perky and sweet but not too big! :D

Combat Girl said...

Hi Liz,

I agree with you re the butt. It is nice to feel something there. WOW I envy you for doing your boobs. I wish I could do mine but A) i am scared to and B) hubby wont let me LOL!

I would go natural, athletic also. I like Lia's and Lisa's. I reckon they look fantastic.


LizN said...

Don't worry Miss D - I'm after a nice B or little C :)

I agree with you CG, Lia's and Lisa's girls look great ;)

Lyndsay said...

Hi Liz,
I share your love for deadlift and also your intense DOMS today. Hamstrings of fire. Ooh,argh!

Kie said...

Hi Liz,
that pic is funny why would anyone do that to themselves? I had mine done last year and I couldnt be happier. I went for what I lost breast feeding so its very natural.

I was wondering with the operation that you are having in regards to your stomach is that covered by medicare or do you have to pay for it? The only reason I'm asking is that I think I may need the same op. My last little one was 4.8kg born and I can fit my fist and then some in the gap in my tummy muscle LOL
Kie xx

Helen said...

Ha ha that pic cracks me up! Could you imagine those being there?!?!

100% agree with you on deadlifts - apart from the compound benefits it's quite an empowering lift I think!

I am all geared up and very excited about 'One Night in Vegas' tomorrow. Fingers crossed the rain will stay away, and I'll keep an eye out for you.


Antigone said...

Good work on the DOMS hun :)
The pic above is well shall I say overwhelming LOL
I hope your having a love day and enjoying Valentines day :)

Lisa said...

I deadlifted big today too.....I love what these big lifts do for the posterior chain.

Men always say to go bigger, but I am in love with my small implants. Beside when you put a tight power belt on a get under a squat bar they look HUGE!! ANy bigger and I swear I would topple over.


Andj said...

Hi Liz,

That picture is so wrong - she looks like she has basketballs stuck in there.

I think you are def doing the right thing re the surgery. I would do it!


Belinda said...

That pic is scary. Why do some women do that?? There's nothing attractive about it at all!