Saturday, February 02, 2008

Strength and Power!

I have no idea who the model is but she looks as if she may kick some endurance athlete butt!

I've had a great day.

Taught RPM Hi Performance and had Alicia and Miss S in class going for broke. Had one of those "zen" classes where I just felt powerful, strong and up to dishing out any challenge.
Miss S and I then had post workout Biotest Surge. We had it mixed in about 3 glasses of water which I thought would give it a diluted taste, but it was just superb. I'm officially in love with Biotest Surge - I am off to the Biotest site to place my order!

We then went to the LesMills quarterly workshops and did the newest RPM (38). Didn't work all that hard - I must admit I was a bit shattered after Hi Performance and I have DOMS from all of my strength training all week. As Miss S would tell you, the only muscles that are working pain free right now are in my jaw :) We sat in the steam room after class for a little while and it was an awesome feeling to come out feeling so loose and limber!.

Did the post Valley black Poison drinkies (that's Diet Coke and Pepsi Max), had our Crunchola Recovery Meals and then went our separate ways.

This afternoon I've just been hanging out around the house and cruising.

Having a splurge icecream tonight and a bit of chocolate. Yummy yum~

Weight: 60.4kg


Lisa said...

I am interested in the Biotest Surge, so pleased you liked the taste.


MTB Girl said...

Velo Bella is a great girls cycling team in the US! I love their kit.


Antigone said...

WOW you are the energiser bunny!
I hope your youngest daughter pulled up ok after school, my baby was tired but couldn't wait to go back today :)
Hope you have a great week hun :)