Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Handy Hints for Figure Competitors

The whole comp prep thing has given me a few learnings I will share with you,

Here goes:
* Expect people to ask you if you eat a lot of tuna. I don't know why tuna, especially the canned stuff is associated with fitness loving types and bodybuilders. Except for my Paleo Tuna Patties, I have yet to crack open a can for the sake of it.

*Expect people to ask you why you're not massive when you say you are competing in a Bodybuilding competition, especially as a natural athlete (yes, this week I'm an athlete again, thanks Kek!)

*Expect your leanness to be scrutinized by all the other gym members. This week I've taken to wearing my CAnterbury compression garments from head to toe. I'm hoping to be mistaken for Libby Lenton instead

*Expect that your own perception of your body will change - all of a sudden you'll take a liking for flaring your lats in public bathrooms and secretly flexing your biceps in the lift. You'll be checking yourself out every 5 minutes, looking for changes. This is exhausting, so my take is to get on with it.

*Expect to question yourself about how much work and discipline you're putting in for fifteen minutes on stage in a skimpy bikini. This one runs through my head a bit. But I am keeping on keeping on.

*Expect a few bumps post comp, but have a plan - me - moving on to other things in my training and still very committed to eating well for the long term.

Training Update:
Yesterday: 50 minute run @ 11.2km/hr felt good, back/triceps
Today: Chest/biceps + easy pace elliptical 35 minutes. I have hard hard workload tomorrow so the cardio was kept to a minimal level.


Kek said...

Meh. As long as you can laugh at the stupid questions and comments.... Most people are blinded by stereotypes. And wouldn't recognise a well-developed muscle if they tripped over it.

KRISTIN said...

Thanks Liz! Will certainly keep those things in mind... hehe... I'm still chuckling! I'm not even officially a 'figure athlete' yet... few months til that, but am already experiencing some of those things... especially the posing stuff... been caught out by my boyfriend already a few times checking out my biceps... hehe... always a crack up!

Keep training hard and I hope you do well in your comp!


Stephanie Davis said...

hehe, this made me chuckle Liz. Is the scrutiny at the gym open and obvious though or is there just a lot of staring going on?
I think I would rather people say something to me than just stare!

ss2306 said...

Tuna - what's that? Don't think I've ever eaten a can myself.

Me - always practising a pose or flexing a muscle in between sets. Just hope no-one's watching the 24 hr survelance video.

Been doing a bit of questioning myself lately.

My plan after comp - get very very pissed then live the life I imagine - anything and everything in moderation!

Glad you're training's cracking.

Kerry W said...

He..he...had a chuckle about checking yourself out. I do that now and I'm not even competing...lol...

Flea said...

you made me smile. Love the post.

Sara said...

Flexing happens even if you are not competing. I mean, who doesn't want to check their biceps and abs every time they look in the mirror?

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

love this insightful post :-)

Thanks for the welcome back.


Shan said...

Great tips Liz - so true xx