Sunday, April 05, 2009

Paleo Tuna Patties

By popular request:

1 big tin tuna in springwater, drained
2-3 egg whites
semi dried tomatoes, the fat free kind
coriander (if you want Thai flavours, a smidge of tomato paste and basil if you want Italian style)
chilli (if you like more kick)
diced capsicum
20 g flax seeds (linseed) ground
sea salt and pepper to taste

Mix the whole lot together and make patties - I make them in egg rings and get about 9-10 patties out of each lot. Obviously once I have em in the egg rings I cook them until browned on each side. One patty from memory is mainly protein and in the order of about 75 calories. I have been having two of these on top of a big green salad with lots of other vegetables added to said salad. If you want to keep the Italian theme going, add a splash of 4 star balsamic vinegar.

Hope that helps everyone out!


Kelly Olexa said...

YUMMY! You just reminded me how much I love tuna patties. I'm going to make some today!! bliss.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Thanks Coach
now going to make myself a batch. Wahoo