Monday, April 20, 2009

Correct Use of Frankenfoods

I had a great weekend in Sydney attending FILEX - here I am with
Miss Selina getting in some posing practice and being generally silly. It has been a long time since this little black duck went to FILEX and it was a really enjoyable experience. I chose a rather diverse series of lectures but enjoyed the exercise phys related ones the most - seeing the Krebs cycle again was like meeting an old friend.
I started early, catching the 6.30am Virgin flight down to Sydney with Shannon, had an awesome second breakfast with her and Kerryn and after the first lecture, kicked back at the bar and looked at the water and shared a Diet Coke - was a lot of fun.
Kerryn and I shared a room at a hotel near the Convention and after my first planned snack was devoured we ate out for the entire duration of the convention, the most hilarious part being the restaurant we went to on Saturday night - the meal I ordered of salmon and steamed veggies came presented like one of my everyday Paleo meals - so much for a planned indulgence. I made up for it last night though with some superb cookies and cream icecream..those Danish icecream makers know how to get it right!
The Expo was amazing - I came away with a pair of workout pants and a pink kettlebell!
There were lots of displays there, many many samples of protein bars, which to me are Franken foods (ie foods made of chemicals that masquerade as food) - I ended up having a rather large bar for afternoon tea yesterday which upset my tummy big time. Protein bars give me really horrible stinky gas.
My flight back home was late and the airport was full of obnoxious football players who were carrying on in the waiting lounge. As I walked past them, it was the opportune moment to relieve myself of some protein bar steam. I am childish enough to admit I had a bit of a chuckle when they all started arguing over "who farted". Flight home was uneventful and gas free :)
Taught RPM today, over and out!


Frankie said... son does that. Comes and give me a hug and a kiss and as soon as he's gone the smell appears! Little bugger.

Julie said...

heehee. Loved the last paragraph :o)

Kek said...

Uh-oh. Sydney airport may never recover. MY Qantas flight was also delayed, plus the bag drop line was ridiculous with just not enough staff on, so I was generally crabby and peed off.

I had a bit of protein-related internal turbulence going on myself, and was also childish enough to leave a couple of mementoes in the Qantas club.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Liz - Nancy N. here from VideoFitness. I know these comments are moderated and thus this need not appear, so I'm using this comment field as a way to send you a message (hmm, guess I could have gone to VF but I'm reading blogs more than VF; using a feed reader has changed everything for me!). I just wanted to let you know that I started a twitter account logging all my food following the SCD. Not sure if you're interested, but it's very similar to a Paleo diet. I know your needs are unique because of your bodybuilding, but just in case you're interested... greatly enjoying your blog (and Shelley's!)and wish you lots of luck in the competition!!! - Nancy

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Ha ha ha ha ha that is so funny Liz, they can be real meat heads at times, thanks for the laugh all the same...

sounds like you had a great time meeting up with everyone, must take my butt there next yr...

Cheers Jools x

Hilary said...

LOL Liz that is too funny!! Protein bars do similar things to me, so I dont eat them anymore :)~

Sounds like you had an awesome time, noice pic!

Hilary xx

Cherub said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Kerry W said...

Hi Liz

Glad you enjoyed your time in Sydney...sounded like fun. I'm curious about your 'pink kettlebell'. Do you dabble in any kettlebell training? I'm looking at possibly starting some kettlebell training after I finish this program (thinking about where my training will be heading post-IBO), and when I return from Kapooka (provided I get in of course).

Oh! You made my morning! Wish I was in the crowd to witness footy guys reaction (wouldn't want to have been downwind of course). Reminds me of that ringtone ad with the woman in the elevator with all the guys and her ringtone is a 'fart' that just gets louder. They all give her disgusting looks until she answers the phone. Anyway...had a great laugh!

Ciao...Kerry :)

little rene said...

He, he, he! revenge on meathead footballers! I love it!

This cracked me up Liz and brought back the memories of being the "goodie two shoes" on a rather rough school bus where I used to get great satisfaction from letting them rip and watching everyone blame a couple of the feral bullies for the toxic smells!

It's the simple things in life ;)

SeLiNa said...

HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa to the fart!!!!!!! Go girl!!!

And nice pic, of you :P Spot the ferrett ;)

TiarnaH said...

Thats hilarious Liz,lol. So honest I love it. Can see those biceps coming along quite nicely too :) :)

Anonymous said...

haha, whoever smelt it dealt it!