Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Trundling" is the only word to describe where I'm at right now. I equate it to being at the 16-17km mark in a Half Marathon race..you're in No Man's Land - even though you've run 16km, you've still got another 5km to go - and when you've got tired legs, that can seem like a long way off.

I've done a fair chunk of the work, now it is time to see it through to the end. Focus, girl, focus! I'm faced with a few obstacles - one is my left shoulder, which is really cranky, accompanied for good measure by my fifth rib - I must have impressed Louise today when she was working on me by saying "what are you doing to my fifth rib?" - she counted and sure enough she was at the junction of 5th rib to one of my thoracic vertebrae (I'm not smart or lucky enough to remember which one - probably T5?). Therefore any training or posing practise..limited for a few days.

Time to keep on keeping on :)


Kerry W said...

Hi Liz

Listen to your body and you'll be fine. :)

Michelle said...

As a wise fish once said, "♪Just keep swimming, just keep swimming♪"

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Coach

hang in there. Show me!

LizN said...

Hey Guys, definitely - I'll keep trundling through no man's land. Hey Michelle - you are too cool - musical notes..I'm impressed!


Splice said...

OMG no mans' land, that's it, I hear you ;-)


Deb xxx