Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everybody's Free (to feel good)

Today I was reminded of how the mind can influence the body - if you think positively, I think you move better!

I would be telling a complete and utter lie if I didn't say that getting into competition shape is occupying a lot of my thoughts right now - in fact I've never been this close to a competition and been so heavy before! I have to add the disclaimer that although I think I look like a skinny minny right now, the concept of being too fat right now is hysterical. I think Katie P lovingly refers to it as Stage 3 of a comp prep. Meanwhile I continue to paddle around in the illusion that I've added more muscle - one thing I do know is that I've added silicone since last time - hope that counts for something!

In fact this prep has been the weirdest one ever - I haven't had the luxury to give this one as much focus as the last three - in fact, the comp sometimes has had to go on the bottom of the priority list whilst I have tried to get other things done. I'm not even training like a competitor - taught RPM and Bodystep today (which was awesome) and my weights consisted of core work with a client and a few sets of push ups. I've been off the upper body work due to the cranky shoulder and every time I decide to hit my legs, I get asked to teach a class. There has been little, if any extra cardio apart from teaching classes. The end product sure is going to be interesting.....

So training wise was a big cardio load today - I had energy to burn today, felt fantastic. I'm still eating in the Paleo style but had a big chunk of cheese last night in my omelette - just felt I needed "more". I don't seem to react at all to dairy products.

Visited the physio today and am hoping to get some sort of training in tomorrow...

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atethisdidthis said...

Liz -
Can't wait to see your comp pics! Erratic training or not, you're going to look fabulous in the eyes of we mere mortals.

Cheese (as opposed to liquid dairy, like milk) is very good for my gut because, like meat, fruit, most veggies, nuts and seeds, it's a mono-saccharide instead of a di- or poly-saccharide... easily broken down in the gut.