Friday, April 10, 2009

Kneading a Day Off

The whole week has caught up with me because I slept in until after 9am this morning! I spent the morning pottering around the house making hot cross buns - I have never made these from scratch and after assembling all the ingredients and mixing the initial lot together, I had to knead the dough for a good 15 minutes - what a workout! Then there was an hour and a half to let the dough rise, another 5 minutes of kneading, another 30 minutes for the second rise and then there was making the crosses out of a flour paste and cooking them. They turned out amazingly, even better than the store bought variety. I enjoyed one for lunch today - and then another 1/2 for arvo tea later on after Good Friday service - hot cross buns are one of my favourite things but they sent the old carb score skyrocketing to over 60% intake today - even though my calorie intake is pretty moderate (there wasn't much room for anything else after the buns), I am sitting here as full as a goog.

Given the wacko carb ratios, I can almost ascertain that there will be a "Wrong Way Dickhead" movement tomorrow on the scales - but I know that tomorrow's RPM class will be a real smacker!


Kek said...

I cannot BELIEVE that the Baking Queen has never made HCBs before....

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz
Try making them with Gluten Free Flour and GF Baking powder next time and you won't get the wheat reaction. I made my own GF ones this year and they were so yummy I froze them in 2's so I can ration them out or I would have gone mad and eaten them all !