Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Post

Training today - "The Return from Slugdom Official Workout" - teach RPM , then teach Bodystep, making sure I have a nice big serve of oats, protein powder and a nice tall Gloria Jean's tea in between....nice!!!

I will use a combination of stored muscle glycogen, fat and circulating blood glucose for fuel and I will not care what HR training zone I am. I will complete the job knowing I have kicked butt and I will ensure I have BCAAs and glutamine with my post workout meal which shall otherwise be known as Portuguese Chicken, with cabbage, carrots and snow peas followed by strawberries for dessert.

I am strong, I am fit and most importantly I am having fun!


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

You are strong, you are fit and yes you always have fun. On top of that you inspire!

Sandra said...

Hi Liz,
have been following your Blog for a few weeks now and have even started one of my own...!
Just wanted to drop by and say Thank You for the great stuff you write about...I have recently become interested (more like obsessed) in Figure Competition and you are a wealth of knowledge - I am learning so much from you.
Will I ever compete? Who knows? Point is I have chosen a lifestyle that teaches me to eat with respect and consideration and to push my body beyond that Comfort Zone..

LizN said...

Hey Dori, thanks!
Hi Sandra, welcome - if you believe it, you can achieve it. I train some really great Masters competitors - it's a wonderful division, let me know if you have any questions!

Ashwee said...

Hey there Liz,
Once again, your last 2 posts really speak to where I am at right now.. One of the top-heavy, muscle bound blokes started spurting off about the "fat burning zone" luckily the instructor knew her stuff and was able to accurately explain the more recent research... High intensity training also keeps your HR in that "fat burning zone" for longer after the exercise.. when you have walked for an hour you come to a rest point more quickly..

Thanks for sharing once again... I think I am catching the figure bug too...

LizN said...

Hi Ashwee,
You're spot on with your comments. Losing muscle is just not an issue for most people until you start getting very very lean.
Liz N

Splice said...

Awesome post Miss Liz!! :-)