Friday, July 17, 2009

Changing the Script

Isn't it funny how we humans always see things in such a negative light.

We're never  ... "good at anything"
....."pretty enough,"
......"thin enough,"
......"wealthy enough,"
......"disciplined enough,"
......"strong enough,"

and the list goes on and on. 

 We humans are conditioned to think the worst.

"I can't, because........."
"Why should I bother?"
"What if x,y or z happens?"
"What if I die?"

What if, just for today or even just this moment as you're reading this, we changed the script.

Today I am grateful for these positive attributes...

...I am strong ( I can kick butt in the gym and teach a mean whacker of an RPM class with my God given chunky quads!)
...I am true to myself and my core beliefs
...I am creative (and sometimes messy, but in the light of positive attribution, I'm cheerfully random) 
...I am attractive whether I'm uber lean, large or somewhere in between.  I have some very character forming wrinkles and crinkles that appear when I smile, which today are kind of cute rather than kind of annoying.
.. I am lucky that I am financially secure (Lotto win a few weeks back would have been good though!)
...I am really fit and can run, jump, dance and sing (well the last two are up to interpretation of course!)

So how are you going to celebrate your uniqueness and "awesomeness" today?

Hope everyone has a really positive Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Can't say yes to all of the above as still working towards ... but yep gonna tick em all off soon. Essie

ss2306 said...

I love this post!

Remember to use descriptive words such as I am "f#@king" strong (LOL).

Must have been the day to reflect on our awesomeness - see tomorrow's post.

Saturday - here I come to rock this awesome day - yeah baby yeah!

Sandrelle said...

Liz, great post and reminders! You have chunky thighs??!! Where? ;)