Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting it Done

I'm having a laugh right now - here I am posting about "getting the job done" and realize that I named my blog "girlgetsitdone" because I wanted to get the job of preparing for a figure comp DONE. Hilarious.

I'm onto a new challenge thanks to Katie - the Hundred Day Challenge and although the premise of the challenge is around health and fitness, my hundred day challenge consists of one hundred blog posts in a hundred days. I may do more than one post in a day, I may miss a day - but in the end I shall have one hundred posts to share about all sorts of things.

From the health and fitness side of things, I might talk a bit more about my training and nutrition, just for fun. I have times where I eat more than I think I should and times where I think I could have trained harder etc etc. I'll also write a bit more about the other things I am doing to remain grounded - so I will blog about where I fall down sometimes and where I'm really improving.

So Day 100 and here's a blog post, so big tick there. Today, although I had the opportunity to train, I chose not to - I took a day off instead and feel great for it. Recovery is as important as training and after the walloping I gave my body teaching 3 Step and 2 RPM in the latter half of the week, rest was just the ticket. Eating wise, today I've naturally gravitated towards a Paleo style of eating which included a Vietnamese Salad, pumpkin soup and grilled chicken and greens.

Hubs and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today and enjoyed Vietnamese lunch beforehand and a long walk and talk afterwards. It was nice to spend the day together and we both feel a million bucks for some time out (thank you grandparents).

I'm working in a pharmacy all day tomorrow and Tuesday. I have my meals planned (not packed yet though) and I'm planning on trying out my Kettlebell tomorrow and maybe getting in an RPM at home.

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Tearose said...

Hi Liz! Looking forward to reading your posts. Have a good day! :)