Monday, July 27, 2009

Living in the Neon

I've been inspired by Bodystep 76's Peak Track song "Living in the Neon". Today was literally another day of being a girl who gets it done! As I mentioned in my last post I have picked up a pharmacist job where I am working every Monday from 10.00am until 6.30pm.

My day looked like this:
5.30am Rise and Shine - make kids and hubby's lunches
6.30am Have a bowl of oats and powder and a cup of tea ...ah that's better!
6.50am Wave goodbye to hubby
7.00am Prep all meals for today and prep dinner for tonight, down to the last carrot (nothing worse than getting home, being ravenous and chowing down on cereal (uh, guilty as sin, but no more!)
7.45am: Walk girls to school and walk home
8.15am: Do RPM 43 at home - this is what's going to be on the teaching playlist this week, me thinks followed by a conditioning circuit with my kettle bell, some mountain climbers, squat thrusters and push ups.
9.15am: scramble some eggs and have a truckload of veggies - much easier to eat at home than explain why you eat so much to the peeps at work
10- 6.30pm : work
7pm: dinner (all prepped
7.15-8.30pm: computer work
8.30pm Watch "Desperate Housewives" with hubs - it's my weekly "guilty pleasure".

Tomorrow is more of the same - I'm doing a one day locum ("fill in") - meals all logged and planned.

Today was successful - I didn't get all of RPM done or do as many circuits as I wanted to, but the main thing was - I did something!


Sandra said...

Hi Liz,
As a novice to the Figure and fitness world, I just love this type of post - just opens my eyes to the fact that you are just like the rest of us with jobs, family etc
Thanks so much for your message on my blog the other day and the offer of help/advice I'm quite honored, you have trained some champions in your time...quick question : what sort of calliper do you recommend for accurate Body Fat measuring? I have a plastic Accuvue which reads nothing like the Tanita scales that they use at my gym (not too keen on those)
Many thanks,

Valley Girl said...

My Gosh Liz- That is one hell of a busy day, but you had a plan & it makes everything so much better & easier plus you get to eat good yummy food at the end of the day! & not crappy T/A YUM!

Fifi Dangerfield said...

Go Team Skinny Bones! My days are going to fast..YIKES!

Raechelle said...

Dang, that 10-6:30 work thing really eats into your day...LOL! and you still eat DAMN healthy and look fabulous....why don't people understand it's completely possible to have a full day and eat healthy with a little planning?! Good for you on being such a wonderful example!

Stephanie Davis said...

hey liz
how good was desperate housewives last night? :) one of the few shows i watch too, makes my mondays tolerable.
ps what a good wife you are, making your husbands' lunch! few people have asked me if i prep all of Ali's meals as well as my own.. ah.. NO! i'd like to leave the kitchen at some point :P

Lady G said...

It's interesting to see what other people's days look like! Yours has a bit of everything, nice.
Your point about it being easier to eat a lot of veges at home instead of at work is a good one. I've been trying to think of more exciting ways to eat veges at work than carrot sticks for morning tea, but a few extra at breaky is a great strategy!