Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Had an absolute cracker of a training session yesterday with Miss Shelley - we did a Chest/Biceps workout. We're still doing a bodybuilderish type of split at the moment but trying to be as functional with the moves as possible. Yesterday's workout consisted of decline push ups with 12.5kg worth of plates on my back (on toes), and absolutely blitzed the bench press yesterday with 8 x 45 kg bench effort (5 unassisted, 3 forced reps). For a little piss-ant like me, I'm totally chuffed with my efforts.

Shelley is also improving in leaps and bounds, especially with her push ups - we've now got her plated up and looking stronger. This is one time when being shorter has its' advantages!

I woke up this morning checking for bicep DOMS, they're not painful yet, but definitely very very fatigued. And my chest is starting to kick in as well.

Anyway, to today's post - affirmation. I am finding these hard training sessions very affirmative - I left yesterday with a belly full of Paleo Pancakes, an exhausted upper body, yet feeling so good about myself and the improvements I'm making in strength.

I would really like to go for a 50kg bench as my next strength goal and it must have been providence that Mike Robertson dropped a newsletter in my Inbox about improving the bench press, so guess what I am reading when I get home from work.

Today has been cardio heavy - RPM this morning and about to get my kit together to teach Bodystep. Then I'm getting glammed up and having a haircut before picking the girls up from school and taking them to ballet.

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ss2306 said...

My upper body is soooo fricken' sore - woo hoo!!

I, too, read Mike's newsletter this morning and thought de ja vu!

Hope you took one of your new hangbags on your outing today.