Friday, May 22, 2009


Today's post is to say I planned my workout and I got it in! Yeah! I'm still feeling too clogged up to do cardio so after a really thorough warm up I hit the weights- upper body today - really enjoyed it and felt really fresh and enthused about everything. Took my creatine, my glutamine, BCAAs and an extra big serve of oats. I cannot believe that a few years ago I subsisted on a 30g serve. These days it has to be at least 50g (and one day I'm hoping to bust the 100g mark, but that is some time off). Grow muscles, grow!


ss2306 said...

Yeah baby! Nice work.

30g is for babies not FHMF's like us (hehehe).

I expect this roll with weights AND supps to continue.

You grow girl.

SeLiNa said...

GO BOSS!!! I'm ticking all the boxes today too! ;)
I can't believe I existed on 30g too...
I dare you to dare me to have 100g of oats ;) *evil giggle*
That's my idea of heaven...