Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I is flat out...

Gosh, I've been feeling rather tired today...I wonder why?
Get up at 0430hours and learn Bodystep Choreo
0630 - Take kids to Before School Care
0700 - First PT client
0745 - 20 minutes of weights and 10 minutes of cardio
8.20 - sneak out to Gloria Jeans for a cup of tea, shoot off two or three quick emails
0910 - teach Bodystep
1030 - quick shower
1045 - Client Two
1130 - quick snack and collect mail
1230 - Client Three (hello Miss Lee from Melbourne :)
1400 - lunch at Phuc Viet with Miss Lee
1500 -pick girls up from School
1515 - prep arvo tea for the girls, I'm still full from lunch
1600- ballet
1700 - baths, get kids ready for going out
1800- dinner
1900- Choir performance for the school
1830 - log on, check most important emails
1900 - Me thinks it's time to watch "Chasers War on Everything" before turning in for the night. I've been feeling a bit blue (due to being completely swamped, surprise surprise) and watching stupid people is going to give me a well deserved cackle :)
Picture significance: What I'm going to book to bring balance back to the Force!


Flea said...

OMg at least you are super organised!!
And I thought MY day was busy?

ss2306 said...

Hope you got a good nights sleep and an easier day today.

Ahhhh - a massage - you just reminded me to book one also.

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

I'm puffed reading that!