Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sick as a Dog

Today it's all catching up with me, I've discovered that I'm not quite as "bionic" as I thought. The cold that I've been trying to unsuccessfully fight off has taken up residence in my body and after a morning of PT work, looking after kids (who were affected by school strike) and writing an article for Ultrafit this afternoon, it's finally hit me. All I can say is I wish Cold and Flu tablets worked for me. Unfortunately all they do is keep me awake all night. I'm exhausted now though - and staying away from the fridge as that is when my Beast pounces on me, when I'm tired and "don't care".

I have been on a high since the show (and the photo shoot). Seeing everyone compete and feeling the energy around me keeps me awake the night after. I didn't sleep at all much last night either. As well as the excitement of the photo shoot, I received a wonderful email from a good friend last night which left me choked up. But I'm good, I know that I will truly rest tonight and hopefully regain my bionic strength tomorrow - RPM and Step, I'm going to need it.


Kek said...

Get better!

RPM and Step - that sounds restful.


The word verification is advococo. Ooh, sounds yummy!

ss2306 said...

Take it easy young lady and get covers if you need to. What would you tell your clients? Listen to their body. Surely with your background you can get your hands on some GOOD drugs (lol). Knock yourself out and sleep for a day.

Jadey said...

Hope you feel better soon Lizzy. Yes, make sure you get some rest. BTW I use wordpress.com, there is an admin part on the right hand panel of my site you can click on and then go to the login page where you can start creating your blog, mine took me about an hour to make and then import over all previous posts. Easy peasy!
Jadey x

LizN said...

Hi guys,
thanks for the warm wishes. I'm taking your advice and got covers for my classes, so I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and warm fuzzy slippers.

Jadey, thanks for that - maybe I 'll get a chance to check it out today.

ss2306 said...

Good girl pookey!

LizN said...

Ay, ay boss...getting off this computer and going back to bed lol!

SeLiNa said...

Hope you're feeling better! At least it waited till after your photoshoot to come on :)