Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogger Experts..questions

1) Is the following gadget the same as Google Reader
2) If I want to delete the following gadget but keep everyone's details in Google reader, how do I go about doing that (right now, I'm manually deleting blogs I'm following and putting them into Google reader - or if you're following are you automatically in Google reader?

Any help is gratefully accepted? On Wordpress, want to keep everyone in Google reader or sidebar instead.


Lia Halsall said...

Which gadget are you talking about Liz?

Kek said...

Ask me a cooking question.

*looks dumbfounded*

LizN said...

Lia, the followers gadget..but I think I have the issue sorted...more just a general question
Kek - how slow is a slow cooker :)

Frankie said...

Hi Liz. Ok these are my observations...(and I'm no expert!). I just went into google reader, which you are automatically logged into if you are on blogger)..cos I just googled it and clicked on link and it brought up all the blogs I follow. BUT, I think it relates directly to blogs where I've clicked to "follow" as there are blogs on there that I've deleted from my blog list gadget because they are old or whatever, but they are still appearing on google reader.

I hope some of that makes sense. I've had a wine or two...