Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm feeling ..a little peculiar

Have you ever listened to a song where the lyrics just stuck in your head? That seems to be happening a lot these days and I've taken to updating my Facebook status with lyrics, movie lines and the like and amazed at how many of us think the same way. I think today's title is a pretty easy one!

It's been an interesting week - I've had a mixed response from others on the subject of not competing, am I somehow a quitter because I didn't see it through to the end? I don't see it that way at all, rather I weighed up all the options and decided that I would rather be fiscally responsible than spend the money on what essentially is a fifteen minute moment. I think the "glory" in it is being able to stay lean year round - not comp lean though. I think my 'prep' has shown me that I can stand to 'live leaner' so that is my charter out of the experience. I'm loving how I look and walking taller - I'd also forgotten the positive impact being lighter has on my cranky pelvis.

Another side effect has been a renewed interest in good nutrition through a more Paleo way of eating. In the long term I am planning on eating Paleo about 85% of the time which would leave six healthy meals that don't fit the Paleo bill but still good for you all the same. I have been experimenting with spelt bread which doesn't seem to upset my belly and quinoa - a visit to the Health Food store showed me varieties I didn't know existed, so it should be fun trying out some new recipes eventually.

I'm also headed in new directions professionally as well, finding myself increasingly doing more writing for fitness magazines, collaborating with Lindy and Dallas Olsen which is great because we can write, model and do fantastic photography which is awesome. Our next article is "Deconstructing the Bench Press" which will be in next issue of Ultrafit. I've also got a few things coming up in Oxygen magazine so am really pleased with that.

I love the above picture, I think it captures really well the concept of 'living lean and loving life'.


Kek said...

Ha! Who implied you were a quitter? Whilst I quite enjoy competing, I note the single-mindedness of some competitors and wonder if they actually have a life?

I saw some interesting sights at last year's comps. Some people need to take themselves less seriously.

Frankie said...

You're not a quitter at all Liz. When you're in an area as broad as health and fitness, goals, aspirations etc are always evolving according to what you are doing or what you are exposed to at the time. I know with me, my profile says I want to specialise in biomechanics but next semester it could be whatever I'm studying at the time. Nowadays I'm leaning towards general health and fitness for the non athlete. That's what's so exciting about this field - all the possiblities!

I'm sure you'll be just fabulous at whichever angle you come from :o)

Kerry W said...

Good for you Liz! It sounds like you're listening to your heart where it matters, and obviously making choices congruent with the person you are right now. And for that, you sound happy and content. I am following the motto of 'to thineself be true', more and more.

I also agree about being lean all year round. I love this feeling, and aim to maintain it. I feel more balanced this way, and more impervious to the emotional highs and lows associated with weight yo-yos.

It all sounds rather exciting about your magazine article writing too!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Shan said...

Yes happens to me all the time too! Sometimes very annoying, depending on the song :) You are far from being a quitter - I love way you think about things... and how you can put what's important in life ahead of things that really don't matter long term. Being able to stay lifestyle lean is the ultimate. You should be proud of how you look too - you look amazing x

witchazel said...

I dont believe you are a quitter, I hate that word! I believe you made a choice that is right for YOU. In the end that is what is important, making choices that are right for you.

I am so please for you with your new directions in writing for Oxygen magazine, that will be fabulous!!! I am even a little jealous!!! LOL I will watch for your name in print!

Flea said...

You are the winner already in my eyes
as you say

"I think the 'glory' in it is being able to stay lean year round"

Bravo for you Liz, I admire that.

Stephanie Davis said...

Agree with all the comments, not a quitter :)
would have loved to see you onstage but there's always more comps isnt there! and agree with you totally, staying leaner in the offseason is the real challenge and you'll feel better and be in a far better starting place should you decide to compete later!