Monday, May 25, 2009

I hate "hangers on"

Yeah, I hate "hangers on" of the viral variety - I think it's a virus because I don't have any other symptoms except being blocked up (in the head!) -I'm still in "sick mode" unfortunately and things are mounting up. I had to teach RPM today which wasn't that bad which gives me another idea that the dreaded lurgy is viral and on the way out (hopefully).
I wish I had something exciting to post, that I smashed my training and that I'm fire but sadly this isn't the case. I'm head down, bum up trying to learn my Step and RPM choreo for Saturday.
Looking forward to coming up for air (and being able to breathe it!) really soon!


Kerry W said...

Sending you 'healthy anti-bodies' Liz...hope they're coming your way soon. :)

Flea said...

I can only say it WILL eventually pass, been there only a few days ago and mine lasted aaages. Grrrr I felt exactly like that picture, green and all.

ss2306 said...

Don't viruses require drugs?

Or is that just wishful thinking (lol).

Hope the nasal passage clears soon.

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Not good Liz, Hope your bouncing back in no time!

SeLiNa said...

Hope you're feeling betterer soon!!!x