Monday, April 28, 2008

Back in blogland..

Phew, I'm back in blogland at long last. Even though I consider myself a bit of a surgery veteran (after C Sections and appendectomy), I still wasn't prepared for the shock of walking in super fit and returning as weak as a kitten. The breast surgery was a piece of cake but the abdominal surgery is a different story.

Here's my story:
Day One: Required to fast 6 hours pre surgery - decided to be very sparse with the oats (which was not such a great idea as my surgery got delayed by 3-4 hours). If you know how much I enjoy eating, you know how hungry I would have been by then! A long period of waiting and feeling nervous - met the anaethestist (sp?) who was a bit of a groover, got put to sleep and woke up four hours later in recovery with a pain pump full of fentanyl and being told by the recovery nurses to push the button for the pain. After hearing a lot of advice from others who have had the surgery done to really utilize the pain relief, I went for it. Unfortunately, I started throwing up everywhere and went on a 24 hour drug trip, so I voluntarily ceased it. After my fentanyl experience, I can't understand how some drug addicts find pleasure in a drug trip. I was continually stressing about making my RPM HiPerformance class, writing a novel and other weird goings on.

Day Two: Still so nauseated I could not eat anything. I celebrated with DH by knocking off a Milk Coffee biscuit for breakfast and lunch. I can't see anything, I am firmly wrapped up in a compression garment but look down at my chest and think, "wow".

Day Three: Feeling much better and as my implants were placed over the muscle, think that I can readjust my pillows and become more independent. Try a different narcotic which works much better. Turns out that all the moving around is causing the drains that have been inserted in my breasts and tummy to start producing more fluid than they should. Have strict instructions from the doc to start acting like a chicken and to keep my wings in.

Day Four: Constipated...ugh. Had to be the worst day of my life and had to bring in the troops ie enema to help. The student nurse that gave me the enema was luckily very patient and understanding and once things had improved, had got on to talking about personal training. She expressed interest in becoming a client.

Day Five: Feeling better and ready to go home. Doc thinks otherwise. Tells me to keep the marathon running to my mind only. Swing out of bed, feeling a difference in my abs - a lot more supported with them stitched up the middle.

Day Six: Still not cleared to go home. I am cheered up by a visit from Shannon and John and Deb E from Fitness First. I had been feeling so frustrated and it really made my day.

Day Seven: Finally get three of the four drains removed and get ready to go home. I get a peek of the girls for the first time. Panic that they look massive! Think this is going to take some getting used to . In reality, I'm not quite filling out the post operative 12 c bra, why do I feel so...uh..big? I'm not used to being a girly girl. Finally get the dressings removed from belly. It's rather swollen and angry, but there is not a stitch of loose skin, nary a stretch mark to be seen. It looks incredible.

I am sent home in a new compression garment with strict instructions to rest and then to shower the next day.

Day Eight: (yesterday). DH and I cannot get the garment off by ourselves so we are off to the surgeon to have him and his nurse remove it. This was something I hadn't been expecting. Wish me luck getting the sucker off.

It's great to be home and to catch up with the online world. I am looking forward to being able to move more freely and each day is a step in the right direction. The best part is that I feel like in the passage of time, I will come back really strong with my training. I know that I will probably become out of shape over the next few months, but I can focus on eating well and being sensible for a perfect recovery.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes - I really appreciate them!

I really enjoyed everyone's six word memoirs..

"I'm becoming a million dollar baby"


Dianna Broeren said...

Oh I have been waiting in anticipation to hear how your ops went! I am imagining you looking very funny all drugged up.....just can't see you as a druggy :)

I hope you have a speedy recovery! See you in a few weeks.


Cat said...

Welcome back Liz, great to hear that the surgery went well. Don't the narcotics suck, i'm like you i hate how they make me feel and can never understand how people get hooked.

I hope you have a very uneventful and speedy recovery.

Love the memoir

Splice said...

I'm so happy your home Liz :-)
I "need" to talk to you and will call you today some time.

By the way, what is the name of your surgeon?


P.s. Thanks for the awesome run down of your experience.

Cherub said...

Rest well. Recover well, so that later you can train hard.


* miss tiny donna * said...

wow good on you babe!

i remember so well the feeling of looking down at my chest and going "WOW" too hehe such a good feeling huh?

Raechelle said...

Good luck on your recovery! I'm sure you'll come back training with a whole new vigour!
and don't worry-the girls will go down-trust me-LOL!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Liz, welcome back! Sounds like you've had a bit of a bumpy ride! Hope the rest of your recovery goes more smoothly for you. Cheers, Charlotte

MISS TANK said...

HI Liz,

Was thinking of you - you have such a super fit body - you will recover in no time and get to show off your new booba's woot woooo!!!! fern xx

Kek said...

Glad to hear from you.... There may be some frustration ahead, but how great is it that you feel improvement in your abs already?

The weak-as-a-kitten thing is a killer, isn't it? Makes you really appreciate your normally fit and strong body though. :o)

Antigone said...

I have been hanging to hear from you hun! I am so glad to hear you are on the mend and you sound so upbeat too you musts be so pleased with your op so far :)
I cannot wait to see you for your next cmp I bet you are going to look a million dollars :)
Have a fantasic week of resting keep your feet up and enjoy yourself make sure you have plenty of magazines and dvds and before you know it you will be back into training :)

Kimmy said...

Glad to see you back blogging and wishing you a very quick recovery.
Wow how exciting - can't wait to meet your new twins :)

Be good - I always look forward to folowing your very positive journey as always.

Alicia Negrin said...

glad to have you back miss'll be back thrashing us in RPM in no time :) xo

Yann & Leanne said...

Great to hear you are on the mend Liz!!! You will be back to your self in no time!!

Magda said...

Amazing story Liz. Good luck with your recovery. Thinking of you :-)


Lisa said...

oooh - how exciting, all the hard stuff is over and now you can just start adapting to a new and improved bod - I wonder what it all looks like....

Shar said...

Hey Liz
Glad all is well. Great report of it all.

I hated the feeling of not standing up straight and doddering around.

Remember, shoulders back and down, chest out! :)

Shar x

RaeC said...

In case you can't tell already by all the comments... WE MISSED YOU!!

So happy to hear that the op went well and you are on your way to recovery... albeit a bit impatiently... LOL!!

Heal quickly my friend!! xxx

Hilary said...

Good to hear that you're back home in familiar surroundings, and that the ops went well.

All the best for a speedy recovery!

Hilary xx

leslie said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad everything went well for you and that you're following dr's orders. The "girls" will calm down -- just give them a little time. And you're gonna love the combo of athletic body (with the low body fat it takes to see the muscles) and feminine boobs (which seem to go away with that whole low body fat thing -- sigh!).

Ronnie said...

Hi Liz. It's great to read about your surgery. I really mean that. I am truly going to need the tummy surgery when i get my tummy under control and even though I have large boobs already I would love for them not to sag.

I would love to see the pics if you are happy to share them. If so i will leave my email for you but will wait for your say so.

A girl I know had this same surgery at the beginning of Apil and she is not wearing a compression garment. I was wondering about this when she showed me how good she looked and am now wondering if in the long term she is doing herself any favours.