Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The week is flying by!

Gosh, long time no post!
The week is starting to race by, so I'll do a quick recap of the week.

Monday: teach last RPM class and have a catch up with Shannon. Try to ensure Shannon has a better RPM experience than last time :) It was awesome catching up with Miss Shannon, who is looking great - I always have so much fun with her and we laugh a LOT! I did have to tempt here with jelly snakes to get up the final hill in RPM. Everytime I see them I think of her :)

Then it was off to the physio - looks like I have subacromial bursitis - I don't know how I managed to bring this upon myself but it has been pretty painful. The prescription is soft tissue release, no overhead lifting and plenty of rest. Needless to say I haven't trained at all this week.

Tuesday: Day at home catching up and writing programs etc. Not much else to report.

Wednesday: Have hair cut and colour - I want to be the best post op chick in the hospital and get my admission details etc. Massage shoulder and do soft tissue tennis ball therapy. It's feeling a lot better but nowhere near functional. I think it's a blessing in disguise that it happened this week and I'll be doing a lot of resting soon anyway.

Off now to watch James Bond :) Channel Nine has been showing a James Bond movie every week. I don't mind watching Pierce Brosnan one iota!


Cat said...

Hope the last few days pre op are non eventful and Good luck with the op. Thinking of you. xo

ms_attitude said...

Hi Liz, sorry to hear about your injury - I can highly recommend acupuncture on shoulder was the best thing I ever did for mine!
Good luck with your op, hope it all goes beautifully.

jodie said...

Hi Liz
Good luck with your op and recovery. Thinking of you.

Selina said...

Best wishes for tomorrow Liz!!!

Kek said...

DAMN! I missed Pierce?? *sulks*

ON the bright side: If you had to injure your shoulder, I'd say now was the best time to do it....the "no lifting and plenty of rest" part is guaranteed for the next few weeks.

All the best for surgery tomorrow - I'm sure you're in good hands. You're more than familiar with the short-term pain for long-term gain thing, so you'll handle it fine. You'll be back on your feet before you know it.


katiep said...

Good luck Coach
I know everything will go smoothly. See you after ...

Lisa said...

Best of luck for tomorrow!