Saturday, April 05, 2008

swimming..I love it!

I am hoping that when the time is right post recovery to take up swimming again. There's nothing better than feeling like you are gliding through the water.

Today I taught RPM HiPerformance and got to catch up with Miss S, Andj and Miss J and got to have a post workout Surge suckdown. That stuff is seriously tasty! I think that I'm going to have a look at some of their other products as well in the future. First of all though, I have to get through a 4kg tub of Cookies and Cream, chocolate, soy vanilla and the like. I'm sure that Kek will have some fantastic ideas as to how to come up with tasty concoctions with all of it. I tried making Golden Edge Egg White protein pancakes yesterday - they didn't turn out anything like her Phat Camp blueberry numbers, so I'm hoping for some tips when she gets back from Tassie.

The girls I have prepping for this next round of competitions are all doing well. I'm sure they get sick of me telling them how veggies are so good for them, but I know how proud they will be to get out there on stage knowing that they accomplished something that is hard - and it will be the best feeling in the world!

In other news, I am now thirteen days out from the surgery and I must say it is really at the forefront of my mind. I keep flip flopping between "do I really need to be doing this?" to "I think it will be worth it." In the meantime, I just have to keep busy - I'm teaching three classes on Monday, so that should help!


Shar said...

Hey Liz
Keep busy, make the most of your active time and before you know it you will be waking up in recovery and it will all be done, then you can have a speedy and safe recovery and be will be glad you went ahead.
Shar xx

Lisa said...

It will be worth it!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

It will be so worth it!

Dianna Broeren said...

Wow! Only 13 days to go! How exciting! Looking forward to seeing you in May.


Antigone said...

OMG is it really that soon???

I really hope that your classes have kept your mind off things it must be testing on your mind but remember your one tough cookie and I am sure the results that you will have are way worth the uncomfy moments!
You will be back fighting in no time :)

Java said...

I agree on the swimming part, each time when I put my head in the water I go "aahhhh" a nice escape world.

Anonymous said...

ooh swimming is the best... i love it.. tonight is my swimming night so you got me all excited with this post! x