Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crikey! Take a look at these little beauties!

Child Friendly Chicken Koftas! OR "FUD", if you're a Gary Larson fan...

To make these little rippers, you need

600 g chicken breast mince

1 onion (sliced and diced)

3 tbsp Taylor's Satay Sauce

2 Slices Wonder Higher Protein Bread (made into breadcrumbs)

1 egg white

1 small carrot (sliced and diced)

Mix whole lot together and shape into koftas on soaked wooden skewer sticks (so they don't burn).

Aah, the nutrition stats: two of these little fellas come in at 25g protein, 10g carb, 4.4g fat and 185 calories. That's the fine print.

I also made Ras El-Hanout Chickpea and Tuna Patties which turned out a little smooshy, but eminently edible. That recipe still needs refining before it's blog worthy!

Here's the dish:

1 big tin of tuna, drained , 1 egg white, 120g drained chickpeas, 400g raw potato (cooked and mashed), 150g cooked and drained carrot, 1 big zucchini, Alexandra's Moroccan Ras El Hanout Spice blend (available at - yes, I support those over the ditch :) )

These made 14 big patties. Two patties come in at 160 cal with 16.6g protein, 22g carb and 1 g fat - these would make an excellent post workout meal - I think I am going to indulge in these tomorrow post RPM with a big side of vegetables.

Thanks for yesterday's comments - Lisa, I must say that variety is the spice of life - I started off as more of an endurance type, swung into the strength training and think it may be nice to spice it up with more endurance stuff once I'm better - I just loved the Adventure Race I did in Feb and we were pretty much running or on the road for the 3 hours we were allotted. I just want to experience as much fitness stuff as I'm able to!


Lisa said...

OMG - you've done an adventure race - I sooo want to do one of these - I've only just discovered them and been reading about them in one of the mags. Have you posted about this somewhere - I'd love to read it!

Antigone said...

Look yummy :)
I wish you all the best for this week and I will be thinking of you on Friday :)
You will be just fine!

Kat said...

Morning Liz - thanks for visiting my blog - I haven't quite figured it all out yet - I know you are going to miss your class *hugs* I hope you had a good weekend.

RaeC said...

Oooh!! Not long now... with how crazy life is lately I didn't want to miss the opportunity to wish you luck for Friday, so hence I am here early :o)

Good luck sweetheart, I'll be thinking of you and hoping all goes well. Here's to a fit and healthy record time recovery!!

Love Rae xxx

* miss tiny donna * said...

liz i just wanted to pop in and say all the best for your procedure on friday..... lots of cocoa butter coming your way i hope!!!! :D xxx

Splice said...

Only a couple of days to go until the big day Liz ;-)

I wish you all the best and hope you recover well and love the results.

I will call you soon.

Deb xx

Hilary said...

All the best for the big day on Friday Liz, wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hilary xx

ms_attitude said...

Sounds fantastic! Herbies over here ( make the best Ras El Hanout, and also a Super Ras El Hanout - I get all my spices from them online.