Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm in love...

With Biotest Surge - which is a post recovery workout formula fortified with BCAA's, a high amount of protein and a nice big whack of carbohydrate. You can mix one piddly little scoop with about 700ml of water and it makes this most amazingly delicious chocolate shake. This is perfect for me as I replenish not only carb, but water as well.
I certainly earned my Surge suckdown today - my 700ml of chocolate heaven (I'm not counting the dark chocolate Lorraine :) )~ I taught 3 classes before 2 pm - 2 RPM and 1 Bodystep. I really didn't think I'd have legs for Step but it turned out to be the most awesome class.
I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to really cane things in the gym so I can have some more Surge :)



ss2306 said...

I think Surge is two-timing! I'm in love with him too hence the reason I have two affairs with Surge scheduled tomorrow (hee hee hee)!

Charlotte Orr said...

I like the Original flavour (tastes like marzipan icing) but hubby won't have any other flavour except chocolate (and it doesn't upset his tummy).

Antigone said...

Well I have never tried it so I cannot share your love :(
But I can say go you good dthing hehe you are an energiser bunny LOL
Have a great week :)

Selina said...

mmm, sounds good Liz. May have to look for that next time I do an online order!!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd quickly pop in to let you know that I'm thinking of you leading up to your surgery. ;o) xx