Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Original post name ..not much going on today. I went shopping today for PJs for my hospital stay. I'm usually the ultimate grunge meister and wear old TShirts to bed but I need to look half way respectable so I picked up some PJs from Target and Sussan (I had forgotten how nice their PJs are), as well as some PJs for the girls. I didn't spend much on these items - I'm looking forward to hitting the lingerie department in due time instead, hee hee.

The most pleasant surprise I've had today is that my Private Health Fund has picked up nearly all of the cost for the abdominal side of things which is just awesome.

I met Lisa for lunch today and wow, is Wonder Woman looking good or what? Lisa is definitely reaping the rewards of the Biosignature Testing that Krista has done for her and the GeneElite profiling that we also did. Lisa looks as if she is about to jump out of her skin, she is THAT good. We are both very excited that Krista Schaus is coming out to Australia. I have had contact with Krista with GeneElite and I'm looking forward to learning more about the BioSignature testing. Krista will be here for about a week, so if there are any Brissy gals that want to learn about this cutting edge testing, let me or Lisa know.

After lunch, we had a look in Lorna Jane and I purchased two pairs of pants to wear post op with a nice stretchy waistband. I tried on a top that really didn't suit - Lisa said "it does nothing for you" - made a mental note to invite her on my next shopping expedition - I just love people to be upfront and honest shopping partners.

Finished the day teaching Bodystep - and am about to haul the old bod off to bed.


emharvie said...

Nothing beats an honest shopping buddy!

Lisa said...

...the pants looked sensational though :-)

You sound like my press agent!


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hi Lisa

I read your blog all the time, keeps me inspired. What is Biosignature testing and GeneElite??

Kat said...

Liz - I was so excited to see you at my blog!! I have missed you and now that I see yours wow!! Know you have been busy - I thank you for the visit!

Cat said...

The PJ's in Sussan are lovely and so comfy for recovering in. How long now until the big day?

Lisa said...


That requre a long answer. Liz - why don't you take the gene elite question? I will do a post on bio signature tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Hey Liz,

I'm very keen to learn more about the Biosignature testing when Krista is out... please let me know when she is here!


Raechelle said...

Kudos to Lisa-and kudos to you for listening!
Good luck with all your coming ops,..I've no doubt all will be successfull!