Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the other side

Today I had the pleasure of participating in a RPM class with my friend Emma. Emma visited me on Friday and I returned the favour this morning. It was quite a shock being on the participant side of things - for one, I didn't have to worry about motivating anyone, so the energy that usually goes into my voice had to go into my pedal stroke and secondly, instead of having 30 or so faces to look at to keep me motivated I only had one (Emma). I had to really work hard to make sure that I was being as honest as possible with my load and technique (what I really need to work on) and it was nice being able to make adjustments where needed without too much scrutiny. The only down side is the risk of overtraining by doing too many classes. My original plan had been to swim, but Miss G is still unwell with her ear infection.

It looks like I will squeeze in a swim on Thursday and possibly Saturday (after Hi Performance and before our LMI quarterly workshops). That gives me my two swims for the week. My other mini goal is to try and get over 168bpm as my maximum HR output in RPM. No matter how hard I seem to push it, I seem to peak at 167 bpm every time. Step was a bit better, actually reaching 172 at one point (would expect that because I'm using more musculature). Why? Just because (have to prove to myself that now I'm in my 40s, my max HR really isn't on the skids just yet!).

I'm still gearing up to move. That's where the sudden lentil and bean love has sprouted from, the desire to use up everything that is in the pantry. The lentils, rice and canned tomatoes have all been fair game this week. I've even polished off balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Ingredients like corn flour and evaporated milk have been harder to shift. Our packing boxes came today so I'm not sure whether to announce my exit from blogging just yet - on the one hand I need to pack but on the flip side, I'd prefer to be working out, blogging ie doing anything but packing!


Anonymous said...

Hard to use stuff? Easy. Afternoon tea goodies for the kids and their friends after school. They burn it off in an hour.

LizN said...

:) I constantly run out of those. I'm planning on cleaning the oven so no treats for a little while!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi hon: lentil and rice are filled with lots of carbs. I would really have to work out hard to lower the increase of sugar in my blood.

But a fab meal might be worth it. :)