Monday, February 01, 2010

Cracking myself up

Quick blog tonight - had a wonderful catch up with Carolyn today - folks, I'm telling you that those triceps could crush small animals and scare away children - yeah baby, the girl has packed on some muscle since I saw her last and become a pretty deft hand at the old RPM too. It worked out well as I had the opportunity to fill my old Monday morning class at Toowong - Carolyn and I got a good workout and it got pretty rowdy in there this morning (a lot busier than usual).

Unfortunately I had to cut and run to the physio. As well as my shoulder, my lower back and hip flexors are giving me grief now and I'm glad I went. I have to admit now to being pretty frustrated about the whole injury situation - off to the sports doc tomorrow to see if I need another cortisone shot or if it's off to an orthopod for assessment.

In other medical news, it looks as if UQ wouldn't accept me with my degree being completed more than ten years ago - I could go to Griffith, but I think the strain on the family with two hours travel each day and a full time study load too much to cope with. However, it was good thinking about it. Who knows what the future holds?

So all of this led to a bit of crankiness on my part on Facebook with me updating my status as "Liz wants to put the F word into a helium balloon and then let it loose all over Brisbane....FFAAAAARRRRK!!!!!"

The thought of this concept totally cracks me up and had me smiling by the time I logged out. And I have yet to look forward to the joys of "Desperate Housewives" tonight.

Sheesh, life can't be all that bad.....


Pip said...

Awww damn about the degree! Had to laugh at your post though, you have a good writing style!

Over this year I'm at some point looking at the value of budgeting in some cycle shoes, clipless pedals, cleats and the like..............for more efficient riding in triathlon.

Whenever I do an RPM class I find it great, awesome for spinning and hard gears. So this year sometime I aim to try all this in something other than running sneakers.

All the best for everything!

Pip :-)

Anonymous said...

Liz, I'll come with you to release some F balloons. Can we also scream some into bottles and set them adrift? Maybe to find them when we have moved on and have them to laugh about. Time line F cylinders?

ss2306 said...

UQ - dumb c*#ts!

Did that crack you up?

Witchazel said...

Hi Liz, need to email you with a few personal questions, can I have your email addy or facebook addy please


LizN said...

Hey Cath,
I'm "liz Nelson" on Facebook and my email addy is thefitnesssolution at bigpond dot com :)